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    Smile Skeena Kitimat Chinook (King) Salmon Report

    Noel Gyger - WEEKLY FISHING REPORT dated June 7 – June 14, 2009

    Dear Fishing Friends:

    SUMMARY: The weather has been good all week with lower daytime temperatures close to average (19 degrees C.). All rivers have come down since their highs of last week. The Kalum River is high and clean and fishing for Chinook has started. The Skeena River water heights have dropped but still too coloured for fishing. The Zymoetz (Copper) River is too dirty to fish. Fishing for Chinook in the Kitimat River is excellent! For more detail please check out the Ron Wakita report below.

    Please avoid targeting Steelhead directly on any river, most will be in the spawning mode and should be left alone. The next time we target Steelhead will be on the mainstem Skeena River for “summer-runs” starting around early to mid August.

    CURRENT REPORT and summary for Skeena and Tributaries:

    TYPE OF FISH CAUGHT: Chinook (King) Salmon, Steelhead and Trout for river. Salmon, Halibut, Bottom Fish and Dungeness Crab for ocean.

    Thank you for using barbless hooks.


    LARGEST FISH OF THE WEEK: Specie: 40-pound Chinook (King) Salmon Where: Kitimat River Angler: Gus Horianopolus

    WEATHER: A mix of sun and cloud. High 22. UV index 7 or high. Sunrise 4:58 AM Sunset 10:11 PM. Today’s yearly average temperatures: Maximum 20 degrees. Minimum 10 or 11 degrees.

    SKEENA RIVER: Is too dirty and not fishable. Fishing the clean seams of the tributary rivers is a good idea.

    KALUM RIVER: Is high but clean. One may try and fish the edges and slow moving corners for Chinook (King) Salmon. The boat ramps are open.

    KASIKS RIVER: It is now possible to fish for Chinook at the mouth, in the clean seam, where it joins the Skeena. Sometimes the Chinook come out of the Skeena and into the clean water in search for scent of their home river.

    EXCHAMSIKS RIVER: Same as above, it is now possible to fish for Chinook in the clean seam.

    EXSTEW RIVER: Same as above, it is now possible to fish for Chinook in the clean seam.

    Note: the above three rivers are closed to angling for Chinook except at the very low end. Please check 2009 – 2011 BC Freshwater Salmon Supplement (fancy name for regulations) at: for details.

    ZYMOETZ (COPPER) RIVER: Is too dirty to fish.

    Fishing Report from: Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters

    KITIMAT RIVER: Sunshine, blue skies and hot temperatures are welcome ingredients of summer to most North West Residents. Sport fishing anglers enjoy nice summer weather as much as other residents but too much of a good thing is not good for the fishing conditions. The Kitimat Valley received some exceptionally hot temperatures last week but this week the temperatures did not get as hot and the Kitimat River levels dropped steadily all week. As the Kitimat River levels dropped throughout the week more Chinook were caught.

    Tuesday, June 9th. Ariel Kuppers fishing with his friend Scott Coleman landed a 19lb Chinook

    Tuesday, June 9th. Mike Pederson reports a 20lb Chinook landed at the Pump House with many others lost.

    Wednesday, June 10th. Ariel Kuppers an Associate guide for Reliable Guide and Charters guided our client Gary Bruce. Gary hooked six Chinook landing two. Gary hooked three on a fly landing one of them with his spey rod. Well Done Gary! Ariel raved about Gary's talents with his spey rod. "All I had to do was show Gary where the fish were and he had no problem catching them on the fly", Ariel said after the drift. Congratulations Gary and Thank You for using our guiding services.

    Wednesday, June 10th. Marc Girard, associate guide Reliable Guide and Charters and wife Bonnie landed this 30lb Chinook.

    Thursday, June 11th. 7 Chinook were hooked at the Pump House with 6 chinook landed. All were reported to be in the mid 20lb range.

    Friday, June 12th. A 24lb Chinook was caught at the Pump House and a 28lb Chinook was caught at the Lower Dike.

    Saturday, June 13th. Lawrence from Prince George who is camping at the Pump House reports "five or maybe six Chinook hooked but none landed."

    Saturday, June 13th. Mike Herzberg another Associate of Reliable Guide and Charters had an exceptional day of Chinook fishing with his friend Arty Horiannopolus and his father Gus. They landed a 40lb Chinook as well as others. Wow! Congratulations guys!

    The two most productive holes in the lower Kitimat River are the Eurocan Pump House and the Lower Dike. This year's catch rates are following typical trends although there seems to be an abnormally high percentage of the Chinook being lost. Anglers who are involved in these lost fish are now majorly motivated. Stick with it fellas. You'll get them!


    Tuesday morning, June 9th. I had the distinct pleasure of fishing and crabbing with Bill Gower and Noel Gyger. Noel Gyger's website is quickly becoming one of the most popular Angler's websites on the Internet with over 3 million hits last year and may double that this year! Bill Gower is a Sales Representative of The Normark Group. Normark owns, represents, markets, manufactures and sells some the Premier Fishing Products fished in our region. Brand names such as Gamakatsu, Cortland, Storm, Luhr Jensen, Blue Fox, Cortland and Rapala are some of their products. Rapala is in the process of launching an exciting new series of rods and reels scheduled for market in the 2010 season. Bill was kind enough to share samples of these new rods, reels and tackle with Noel, Todd Haynes and me. Although Bill represents the Normark group which is a huge company, Normark continues to develop new innovative products specific to our fisheries in the North West. Noel and I look forward to working with Bill and Normark to develop marketing strategies to increase angler awareness of these new products.

    Tuesday June 9th. Chris Couto of Kitimat reports boating three Halibut with his friends down the Douglas Channel. Their largest Halibut was 149lbs gutted. The two others were 28lbs and 22lbs. Congratulations to Chris and his friends. Those are very nice Halibut. Well done! Chris mentioned that he brought his Halibut to our Tackle store to weigh in for our derby but our store was closed. For any anglers finding themselves in this same situation, please call my cell. 250-632-1275 and I would be happy to open the store to weigh your derby entry. My cell phone number and contact info is also displayed on our entrance doors.

    Wednesday, June 10th. Todd Haynes boated a small Chinook and then we watched Cosby Smith boat a 16lb Chinook by himself in the Kitimat Harbour. When the rod went off Cosby calmly walked to the back of the boat and cleared the other rod he was trolling. He then calmly walked to the cab and kicked out of gear and picked up the net and walked to the back deck and calmly reeled the fish into the net. Well done! I think we were more excited for Cosby then he was.

    Cosby was trolling a Gibbs Stewart #6 50/50 spoon. Cosby swears by this spoon and the proof is in the results. Cosby also boated two Chinook on Saturday night and then hooked four Sunday morning landing a 30lb and a 35lb Chinook again by himself.

    Gibbs is one the most prominent Fishing Tackle Manufacturers in the Industry.

    Gibbs manufactures lures, flashers, jigs, and terminal tackle for our Saltwater fishery and manufactures the most dominate lures used in our Kitimat River fishery. Kitimat and Kohos spoons are the most popular and effective casting spoons used to catch fish on the Kitimat River.

    Syd Pallister, the owner of Gibbs and Alison Obrecht, marketing manager of Gibbs are always eager to help us develop new lures, colours or various terminal tackle to help anglers in our area catch fish more effectively. Gibbs currently custom manufactures a variety of lures for our Tackle store. It is a pleasure to work with a company that is committed to developing lures for our fishery. A big Thanks to everyone at Gibbs!

    Wednesday, June 10th. Dick Woodcox reports landing a 19lb Chinook Kitimat Harbour Fishery.

    Thursday, June 11th. I was out fishing the Kitimat Harbour again with my good friend Todd Haynes of Nautical Fishing Adventures. It is always a pleasure fishing with Todd especially on the New 27' Sea Sport, the "Bite's On". Todd and I are business associates who have a great working relationship and more importantly have a great time fishing together. We only caught one small Chinook about 14lbs but there is always a quirky little incident on every trip that will be remembered.

    Just before we caught the Chinook, Todd received a phone call from wife Nesia. Just after the phone call we boated the afore mentioned Chinook. After putting the fish in the cooler, Todd explained that he always hooks fish shortly after or sometimes during the Lucky phone call from Nesia.

    If you ever have the opportunity of booking a trip with Todd, be sure to include into the package the "Lucky phone call from Nesia" Thank You Nesia for the Lucky phone call on Thursday.

    Saturday, June 13th. The Kitimat Harbour Fishery really heated up. Medrick Robinson fishing with his father Sammy boated three Chinook, a 44lb, a 28lb and a 22lb. Mal Haggard an Associate Guide for Reliable Guide and Charters also boated three Chinook with fishing buddies Bob Ruel and Gord Mitchell. All the Chinook were in the 20 to 25 lb range. Dan O’ Neil also reports landing a Chinook in the mid 20lb range. Wow! Congratulations Everyone!

    Todd Haynes chartered a group consisting of Brian Dunn and his son, Cam and Sacha Plotinkow and his son, Victor. They boated three Halibut, four Chinook and bunch of Rock Cod and Crab on their Salt water charter with us. Brian and the entire group spoke highly of Todd's boat and his ability to put them on fish.

    Congratulations Guys and Thank You for enlisting our services. They are currently doing a Drift boat trip with us as I write this report and each father/son drift boat has lost one Chinook each. I suspect there is some trash talking going on between father and son and from boat to boat. Stay Tuned!

    At the time of writing this report I received a call from Wes Owens who is skippering a charter today with our clients Cheney Murray and Travis Sather. Cheney Murray just boated a 31lb Chinook with the applause from his friend Travis Sather who booked this trip with us for Cheney and himself. Travis said "I have caught lots of Big Salmon, I wanted Cheney to land his first Chinook". Well Done Cheney! Congratulations! It is evident why you are such good friends. Passing up a 31lb Chinook for a friend is an admirable quality in a friend. As I was proof reading this report Wes called again with the news that Travis just boated a 21lb Chinook. Well Done!

    Thank You to everyone for providing their catch results to be enjoyed by the readers of this report.

    Tight lines, Bright and Big Smiles.

    Sincerely, Ron Wakita

    Fishing Report from: Gill McKean of Westcoast Fishing Adventures

    Hi Noel, I thought I would give you a quick call on my cell phone from the river. I have been guiding and fishing the Kitimat River and the fishing has been excellent! Seems like everybody is hooking Chinook…but landing them is a different story. There are some very big Chinook in the river this year and the guests are having quite a battle landing them. These fish are chrome bright, just came in the river with the high water from last week. Hopefully the run keeps building. It is going to be a great year!

    The Skeena River is dropping and starting to clean. There a lot’s of Chinook in the river now and once it cleans a little more my guests and I will be there to catch them.

    The Ocean fishing in Prince Rupert is heating up. Halibut are on the bite and Chinook are being caught in Edye pass and Hump Back Bay also Dundas has been seeing a few fish moving.

    Gill McKean Fishing is our addiction - Guiding is our passion - Adventure is in our blood

    Fishing Report from: Todd Haynes of Nautical West Fishing Adventures

    Hi Noel, this past week we have had some fantastic conditions for both ocean and river fishing here. The past week we have been busy on the ocean targeting Chinooks and have been doing well. The harbor fishing is picking up now as we have been hooking up a couple of Chinooks
    everyday out there and should continue to be great over the next few weeks. I just finished a trip with a group of guys from Ft. St. John and week hooked up with 6 Chinook and boated 4 nice size smiley's. The guys picked up 3 Halibut and a dozen or so Cod and Crab as well as good size Octopus in the prawn traps.

    Todd Haynes

    AREA RIVER RECORDS: Chinook Salmon: Skeena River, 92.5-pounds; Kalum River, 85-pounds; Kitimat River, 74-pounds; Steelhead: Skeena River, 45-pounds; Coho Salmon: Skeena River, 27-pounds.


    Yours sincerely,

    Noel F. Gyger

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