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  1. The yami dealer called me and LEFT A MESSAGE,...

    The yami dealer called me and LEFT A MESSAGE, saying he "was sorry for not getting back and its been hectic and would not be able to put the engine on my boat this week" ... and thats it he hung up...
  2. I am currently dealing with Murray at Lordship...

    I am currently dealing with Murray at Lordship (as recommended on the other site) and what a world of difference, a real proffesional is so nice to deal with !!!
  3. Customer Service - What Customer Service

    I have posted this on another site but thought to also post it here.

    Well I figured on Saturday , I might just need a new 200 HP engine.
    Since I live in Richmond, I would give the local Yamaha...
  4. Aluminum Fuel Tank Recomendations Needed

    I would like to replace the 55 gal plastic tank in my Stiper to a aluminum fuel tank (gas)

    Has anyone out there have any contacts they would like to recommend, I would greatly appreciate getting a...
  5. Replies

    You Got to See this

    To all my boating buddies,

    This damn near made me cry , get a tissue before you watch it ...... But it has a happy ending
  6. Please consider signing a petition to stop Assults agains Canadian Transit Drivers

    Along with being a avid sportfisherman, I am a Vancouver City Transit Driver.

    I first hand experienced an Assult today when driving my bus at Main and Hastings , however due to legal reasons I...
  7. Marine Documentation Services - Anacortes

    I am looking at letting Marine Documentation Services - Anacortes Wash do my title and funding transfer on a boat deal I will be doing in the next week or so.

    Since it is going to be 5 fig deal I...
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