I echo what many have said on this thread. I've been Fly Fishing nearly a decade, but began as a worm and bobber kid too. My advice, is to figure out if you want to learn to single-hand cast or two-handed (spey cast). (google them if you are not sure what im talking about)

You can learn both of course, but focus on one technique first. Learn the casting technique that you can most easily practice and use on your home waters. If you only fish trout in small lakes definitely learn to single hand. If you are a "river guy" you probably have a choice to make as spey can be as effective as a single, and arguable better on big rivers. ... oh also if you happen to have shoulder issues, spey can be a game changer. Many guys with bad shoulders end up switching to two-handed Fly Fishing to save their poor broken rotators.

Once you figure what type of casting you wanna learn you you can invest in some gear. Then the real fun starts! - get a lesson if you can afford it!

BTW the "point of no return" is when you buy a fly vice and your first $100 worth of feathers, and fancy coloured threads... you be part of the gang for sure!