Sport fishing column for Oct 17 to 24, 2011

Chapter 3, Fly Fishing for Salmon, Rod & Creel British Columbia, 1919:

"A few years ago trolling was considered the only way to catch the pacific coast salmon; then spinning was discover to be a successful method. There were however a few men who always used a fly and others who occasionally did, but it has never been followed up as it should, though it is a pretty well acknowledged fact that the cohoe salmon will take the fly freely and the spring salmon occasionally, if it is presented to them properly…"

"Sir John Rodgers, who came here all the way from Egypt especially to catch tyees at Campbell River, used sometimes at half tide when the current was too swift for trolling, anchor his boat off a point he knew the fish passed and used a fly. He killed a great many cohoes in this way and had great sport… His fly was the Silver Doctor."

I have always found it ironic that Fly Fishing for our west coast salmon was never really perused until seventy seven years after A Bryan Williams penned those words. It has taken one hundred years, but now many fly cast for our heritage fish. I am thankful that the pioneering of this fishery was done in my lifetime and that I was fortunate enough to take part in that heritage. Six of the successful fly patterns I have developed, reside in the pages of the book; A Compendium of Canadian Fly Patterns.

The report

Fishing on our lower mainland lakes is good. Try: Coachman, American Coachman, Professor, Wooly Bugger, Micro Leach, Sixpack, Dragonfly Nymph, Halfback, Doc Spratley, Baggy Shrimp, or Zulu.

Our Lower mainland bass and panfish fishing is hot. For bass try Wooly Bugger, Big Black, Clouser's Deep Minnow, Zonker, Bucktail, Dolly Whacker, or Crayfish in sizes 8 to 4. For Crappie or Pumpkinseed try: Wooly Bugger, Big Black, Micro Leach, Bucktail, Dolly Whacker, or Clouser's Deep Minnow.

Fishing on our interior lakes is good. Try: Wooly Bugger, Micro Leach, Egg Sucking Leach, Pumpkinhead, Dragonfly Nymph, Halfback Nymph, 52 Buick, Doc Spratley, Green Spratley, Souboo, or Baggy Shrimp.

The Fraser River is fishing well for spring, pink, chum, and cutthroat. For spring try: Popsicle, Big Black, Flat Black, Stonefly Nymph, Squamish Poacher, or Eggo. For chum try: Christmas Tree, purple & pink or green Wooly Buggers, Met Green, Dec 25, Holliman, Big Black, or Flat Black. For pink try: Happy Hooker, pink Bunny Leach, Pink Eve, or Cathy's Coat. For cutthroat try: Eggo, Rolled Muddler, Tied Down Minnow, Mickey Finn, Stonefly Nymph, or American Coachman.

The Stave River is fair for Pink, Chum, and coho. For coho try: Christmas Tree, Rolled Muddler, olive Wooly Bugger, Bite Me, or Coho Blue.

The Vedder River is good for spring, pink, and coho.

The Harrison River is good for spring, pink, coho, chum, and spring.