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    Default Cuba Bonefishing

    I just got back from my first trip to Cuba and catching my first bone fish. It was simply spectacular. My wife and I stayed at the Melia Cayo Coco which is on the north shore of Cayo Coco. The resort is first class all inclusive. The best part was the staff and of course the unlimited Mojitos and pina Coladas. The beach is one of the nicest I've ever seen.

    I hired a guide named Orlando Gonzales Alvirez and we waded the flats for 3 days. He is a great guide and quite famous and I was lucky to find him. The flats are huge and are a mix of sand, coral, grass and marl. We waded all day and it was tough work. Two key skills are required - able to back cast accurately and be able to double haul into the face of the wind. I have some work to do on both counts. Seeing the fish was not a problem as the Cuban Bones are among the biggest anywhere and Orlando could see them well before I did, at least at first.

    Day1 we saw over a 1000 bones most of them were in great big schools. I got the first two fish I cast to and from then on muffed every other chance, once you spook one, the whole school heads for somewhere else. I have fly fished over the world but this was my first experience with bonefish and I ended up with a severe case of buck fever. I broke off three lost two and scared 1000. I hooked a big bone at the end of the day in ankle deep water as the bones were leaving the extensive mangroves, unfortunately one mangrove got in the way and I broke him off. Lots of Baracuda as well but I was focused on Bones and not the 15lb+ Barras.

    Day2 we tried another flat in the same area. However the wind was a good 20 knots which makes casting a fly next to impossible didn't see as many fish but we managed one to hand at the edge of the mangroves. We also fished an area best described as muddy moguls. Very hard to walk on but fish were everywhere.

    Day3 saw us in the mangroves casting to fish on a rising tide. Again the wind was high15kts or so but I had gotten over the buck fever and we saw a lot of bones. Mostly in 2s and 3s. Hooking one in the mangroves is a bit funny as these fish are by far the fastest and most powerful I have ever seen. They immediately head for open water through and between the mangroves. Didn't manage to land any in there. Once we got out of the swamp we began to see plenty of fish and I managed to land 4. The biggest was 6lbs and the average 4or 5. I managed two by myself as I had a partner that day and we traded off fishing with Orlando.

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    Nice! I fished in Cuba all my life. the bonefish they realllly fight good, fun to catch. Where I lived was a river and we fished them at the mouth of it. Sounds like you had a good time.

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