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Subject: FN1000-Commercial - Salmon: Seine, Gill Net, Troll - Area 14 Chum Escapement Update

Area 14 Escapement Update

The escapement target for the Puntledge River is 60,000 chum. There was an
assessment swim on the Puntledge River the morning of October 22nd. The chum
escapement estimate for the Puntledge River to October 22 is 25,000. The in-
river escapement level that would permit a commercial fishing opportunity has
not been achieved at this time. The in-river assessments will continue.

There are no commercial fishing opportunities at this time in Area 14. The
next announcement will be Thursday afternoon October 25.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Alistair Thomson,250-756-7294

Fisheries and Oceans Canada Operations Center - FN1000
Sent October 23, 2012 at 11:00
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