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    Default North Saskatchewan River

    So about a month or so ago I decided to make a few casts out in the main river and see what I could come up with. I was hoping for a late season lake sturgeon but there's also pike, walleye, suckers and a number of other fish cruising around down there. I found it a little amusing that my B.C. bar fishing gear is serious over kill for everything that swims in the river. 100lb braid on a 10.5' heavy rod topped with an Abu 7000.

    Anyways, I rigged up with a basic slider rig, tied on a 1/0 gammi pinched barbless and tied on a small, dead minnow. Dead bait fishing on the North Saskatchewan river. I hiked down the river for a while until I found somewhere that looked good and settled in. The wind was blowing hard and the leaves were almost gone and the smell of the decaying summer foliage reminded me of coho fishing back home in the Fraser Valley. I unloaded my back pack and set up my chair, rod holder and poured a bit of tea. Eventually my patience was rewarded with a fat pike with a bad attitude. The hours drifted by until I'd finished my thermos of tea and the biting late autumn winds finally took their toll on me.

    My last open water river fishing before the big freeze set in for the next six months.

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