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    Default Huge herring returns

    Hopefully this will be the order of the day up and down the west coast.

    SF/No. Cal have worked hard....curbing fishing for a few years, improving spawning stream areas...

    This is GREAT news.
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    Great news! Right now the Pacific Salmon Foundation has been doing tweets about what are we going to do about the lack of chinooks in the Salish Sea. For one the resident "feeder springs" all have relied upon herring throughout Juan de Fuca and up Georgia Strait. The returns of smaller sized salmon to streams like the San Juan and the Cowichan have always been greatly dependent upon the amount of feed all along the coast. Now that Alaska has become the largest purveyor of herring roe and herring pet food by product it only goes that the larger non resident northern migrating chinooks are suffering as well. Perhaps it is time to stop the roe fishery completely and for very good reason!
    I keenly remember seeing many north Vancouver Island inlets back in 1966 and other inlets down the Alberni canal white with milt and thinking wow what an incredible rich environment. Until some semblance of what once was returns the chances of the numbers of resident coho and chinook returning to anywhere near the levels they could be at are slim to none. This goes even deeper just perhaps the super abundance of herring is the the key to the entire ecosystem including the nitrogen cycle of fish in the stream side forests that are characteristic of a healthy west coast.
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