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    Default VSFC Fishing Report

    Well folks we’re all set up in our new Granville Island digs and off to a great start. Come on by for your local saltwater gear, or to throw us a high five. Look forward to seeing you.

    This has been quite a two week stretch in the Vancouver area with temperatures up to the low to mid teens. My apologies to those reading this from the center of this polar vortex, but life on the west coast is looking pretty sweet…… and so is the fishing.

    Salmon Fishing

    Our local salmon charters have been quite productive as of late. Seems to be you can find a fish or two out of all the usual spots if you put your work in. Howe Sound has been fishing well on the ebb tide at Grace Islands and third marker with a couple fish coming out of Hutt Island as well. Get your gear down to the floor as most of the bites are within feet of bottom. In Howe Sound the 4″ Irish Cream to the new Bon Chovy signature flasher have been the ticket. In Vancouver Harbour we’ve been using the same combination and having success as well as a Gibbs glow lemon/lime flasher down to a green/glow coho killer has been getting the majority of the bites.
    We’ve had decent reports of fish from all over the Strait of Georgia in fact. The Gulf Islands have had some stellar reports on smaller fish in the 20″-24″ range with the odd keeper.
    As usual this time of year the crabbing has been excellent. Nice little bonus at the end of the day.
    Sturgeon Fishing

    January/February is a great time to get out there on the Fraser. During the winter these fish will find deeper holes and usually if you find one there are more nearby. Move around and work the structure and you’ll find some fish. Averaging in the 3-4 ft range with the odd one over 6 ft is par for the course.

    Fly Fishing

    As lovely as that sunshine was it did the river fishing no favours…. except for comfort that is. Eventhough it had slowed off quite a bit in the trout deparment you’ll still be able to dig the odd one out it’s hiding spot. Look for deeper holes where the fish can lay low and hide. You’ll need to cover a lot of water to find the fish. Eggs, sculpins and flesh are still the go to flies.
    Now that we've seen a little bit of precipitation and overcast skies we've seen some happier fish. Expect that to last a couple days until the weather turns back to sunshione and colder temps to ring in February.

    The steelhead fishery has begun in Squamish. Well the angling has anyways, but the fish aren’t around yet in any numbers. Pretty soon we’ll see some fish trickle in and the hunt will begin for many avid winter steelheaders. Look for that first rain and bump of water and there will be a few entering the system.

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    Thanks for the report, however I would like to add that most guys tend to not fish for sturgeon during the months of January and February. Not because of the unpredictable weather patterns, but more to allow these fish to over winter without over exerting themselves.
    These fish tend to over winter in certain areas that allow them to in a way hibernate, or rest which is very important.
    Some may see these unseasonable weather days where the temps rise as a good time to target sturgeon while they are vulnerable to over exert themselves, but lets try to remember winter is not over yet and water temps are still very low for these fish.
    i fish therefor i am

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