1. Any and all commercial posting onthe forum requires vendor credentials to do so. This includes:A business name Usernames, business information in your Signaturesand or Avatars, soliciting in private message, and any and allcommercial posting in threads. Failure to sign up as a vendor priorto commercial posting will result in your post being deleted and youraccount being blocked and or banned until the proper credentials havebeen added to your account

2. Before posting on the forum as avendor please ensure to have your vendor tag on your account. If you’re having trouble with your account set up please email usat [email protected]

3. Commercial posting is limited toeither your personal vendor section or in the open vendor dealssection of the vendor forum. If a member is looking for a productsuggestion in the open forums it is acceptable to recommend a productthat is relevant to the conversation but please keep it to a minimumand direct any subsequent conversation to private messages. Anyvendor caught taking advantage of this rule will be subject to siteinfraction.

4. Vendors should be respectful offorum staff, members, and other vendors. If you have a conflict witha member, staff, or another vendor please send a private message tothe site administrator.

5. All advertisements should includethe price of the product and the dates the sale (if applicable) runsfor.

6. Vendor and member with disputes overproducts, service, refunds, etc should try to keep discussion off theopen forum. If you do have a dispute please try to keep it to privatemessages or off the forum.

7. Vendors are not permitted to use themember classified for advertising or selling products. These sectionsare intended for members to sell items they have, not for commercialposting.
8. Vendor group buys are permitted butshould only be posted in the vendor’s personal sub section or inthe vendor deals section.

9. Vendors who have purchased their owncompany specific section within the vendor section of the forum willhave permission to moderate posts and threads in their own sections.This included editing posts, deleting posts, and deleting topics.This power is to be used to keep the section clean and organised andnot for deleting negative feedback. Vendors caught deleting negativefeedback can face an infraction up to and including being banned fromthe site.

10. Vendors will still be held to allregular forum rules, all violations of any site rules will be dealtwith an infraction up to and including being banned from the site.

11. Please remember that this forum isshared by all and to respect the governing rules of the site. Pleaseremember commercial posting is a privilege and must be kept to vendorspecific sections, vendors are welcome to take part in regularconversations on the general forum so long as they are not commercialin nature.

Ifyou`re a vendor on the forum and are encountering issues with youraccount or experience on the forum please contact us at[email protected]for support.