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    Exclamation 2 Minute Survey for Orca Recovery

    The Georgia Strait Alliance has put forth a survey to collect YOUR thoughts on potential steps being taken to try and recover the dwindling population of southern resident killer whales.

    I would encourage all fishermen, and any with an interest to fill this out.
    If we want to realize any fisheries down the road, letting them know your thoughts / position is important.

    A few notes:

    Recent studies and conclusions by biologists have determined that shutting down coastwide fisheries will have very little positive impact.
    Those that should be considered for closures (their opinion again) focus on in-river netting, especially so on the Fraser.
    Offshore fishing of mixed stocks apparently contributes but little to the overall problem.

    Fish farms, although controversial, are most likely contributing to the problems.

    At this point, sea lion and harbor seal populations are at an all time high, and recognized to be beyond carrying capacity.
    Studies have shown that these two predators consume sixty-four (plus) percent of annual chinook and coho production in the Strait. A reduction in their numbers is likely the most beneficial undertaking we can engage in at this point.

    Hatcheries, when run properly, can provide a good stop-gap to immediately address the shortfalls in chinook production.

    Habitat enhancement is the second most efficient program we can in terms of increasing salmon production, and is the longest lasting.

    The survey is located here: http://georgiastrait.org/2-minute-su...-recovery-oat/

    Cheers & Many Thanks for sharing your concerns!

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    done , thx Matt..

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