Since you enjoyed the last here is another from the salt.

Salmon Fishing the Straight of Georgia was a totally new experience for me this year as I haven't been around this area that long. The sockeye run is what really got me out there and keeps drawing me back out. It is a lot of fun to watch hundreds of fish jumping and huge schools on your sonar. Better yet they are fairly cooperative and it is quite common to catch your limit and they taste great. In this video I explain a few more things I do out on the water. Also I land all the fish with the Sockeye Flop this time around and no net. Sure I lose a few again, but end up with a limit. Got some cool underwater attack shots as well wit the gopro on the rigger. Plus some combat fishing with the Purse Seine net boats out there edging me off the schools so they could scoop up thousands of sockeye. It's crazy out there. Let me know what you think, thanks!

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