Favourite type of weight for float fishing

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Thread: Favourite type of weight for float fishing

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    Default Favourite type of weight for float fishing

    Hey, this is my first post, just wanted to bring up a topic thats been going on with a few of my buddies.

    Do you prefer inline pencil lead? pencil lead with a hole in the top connected down to a three way swivel? Egg weights? Splitshots? Slinkies? Or something else?

    I prefer a three way swivel with a hole dredged out attached to a three way. Find that its easy to change weights and re-tie, and when rolling beads along the bottom they dont get snagged up as much.

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    Most of the time I just thread my mainline through a 1 inch sleeve of surgical rubber tubing. Tie the mainline to a barrel swivel and attach leader and hook. Push what ever length of pencil lead that you need into the surgical tubing. You end up with the weight being able to be switched out easier and the ability to move the weight up closer to the float if need be. Quite often you will only loose the pencil lead when snagged up. Cheap, easier and quicker than other rigging methods.

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