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  1. Dogfish in Vancouver

    Saltwater General Discussion
    So i want to find a spot around Vancouver I don`t realy care where Jericho or Ambleside is what im thinking about but if you got a spot where can`t keep them off i would like to know where BUT from shore only.I got the rod and salmon belly but I had tried Ambleside with bullhead guts and gill...
  2. Lost fish...

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Out of the last 6 fish I've hooked, I've lost ALL of them at the boat, including a monster spring today at Ambleside..... Time for an MR2, I think.... Does anyone think my wife will buy that excuse???
  3. Sockeye Fishing at T-10: A Few Questions

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Hi Everyone, As I posted in seabouy's thread (sorry I don't have enough posts to link yet), I tried my luck at T-10 yesterday. I didn't catch anything, but the weather was nice and I got to watch a fantastic sunset. Anyways, I just had a few questions, as I'm new to fishing T-10 (usually just...
  4. "Company Outing"

    Saltwater General Discussion
    So, my Boss comes to me and says he'd like to take the employees out fishing. He has a boat (50+ ft), some fishing gear and a desire to fish, but no knowledge. I'm a fisherman of sorts (kind of new to salt with some experience) and he is hopeing i can make this whole employee fishing get...
  5. Good spots from shore around Vancouver?

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Hello All, I live in N. Vancouver and have tried Ambleside in W. Van a couple of times for salmon, but got schneidered (caught nothing) both times. I don't have a car and am wondering if there are any other good places to fish from shore (for salmon--or any other species--I'm getting desparate...
  6. What does the 'daily limit' mean to you?

    Saltwater General Discussion
    I'd like to point out and remind everyone that the daily limit IS the DAILY limit! This morning on my way out from Ambleside, I ran into a couple guys in a small aluminum boat who were on their way home after limiting out in a couple hours (I know this because they couldn't stop bragging). I...
  7. Pacific Angler Saltwater Reports July 2010

    Saltwater Professional Reports
    The local saltwater fishing has been fairly consistent for coho off W. Van. The best depths have been from 60 feet up to the surface. There have been schools of fish from Pt. Atkinson to the Cap Mouth and the trick is simply finding them. The best bite has been in the morning but we have...
  8. Hi guys I'm a noob and have one question

    Saltwater General Discussion
    I searched for hours trying to find some info on the fish that gets caught on the docks of ambleside and belcarra. I can't find pics of it either. It's got a bighead, no scales, ratfish like tail and it's ugly. One thing i know, it's not a ratfish or a dogfish. Can someone tell me what this...