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    Couple changes to the board, the Tab for Gallery and Groups can now found here, see picture.
  2. Building New Rainshadow Downrigging Rod

    Rod Wraps!
    Decided to take on a fun project and build me a Rainshadow BP1265 downrigger rod. I am going with a Alps triangle reel seat and Tich guides with gold plating. She's coming along nicely so far!!
  3. [FISHING REPORT] Harrison Ho

    Region 2 - Reports
    Haven't posted in a while so here you go. Been out to the Harrison a bit more this year then previous with some good success. Caught this one on a spoon around 12:00 on Sunday the 24 just before it really started to blow. It has slowed down a bit since last week. This guy weighed in just under...
  4. Imagine Hooking into This

    Contributer Discussions
    Stand back, he bites: British fisherman grapples with ferocious 'giant piranha'... which has been known to eat CROCODILES By Richard James Last updated at 3:45 PM on 20th October 2010 British angler Jeremy Wade looks understandably anxious as he grapples with this ferocious-looking 'giant...
  5. Kootenay Lake Fishing

    Freshwater General Discussion
    For those interested in Kootenay Lake fishing and Rainbow Trout, you may be interested in our website at kootenayangler.com. We've just posted a recap of our weekend at the 2010 Woodbury Resort Rainbow derby. Enjoy! We had lots of luck trolling flies such as the "grey ghost" polar hair fly.
  6. Sturgeon Abuse - reported to RAPP

    Environmental, Fishing Politics & Fishery Updates
    Sunday Oct. 10, 2010. While sturgeon fishing we observed these absolute doughheads abusing a sturgeon. It wasn't particularly large but they dropped their anchor buoy and drifted more than 500m down to where we were anchored. They brought the fish to the boat about 100m above us and proceeded to...
  7. Kootenay KingFisher Fishing report to Oct.07‏

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    Moved the boat over to Kootenay Lake yesterday. Got the boat in the water and started fishing by 10:00am. Looked like it was going to be tough conditions as it was bright and sunny,only a small ripple, and the water temp was 57 degrees which seemed a few degrees high still. But we were there...
  8. [FISHING REPORT] Vedder Sept27th

    Region 2 - Reports
    Little late on the report, but thought I'd throw out my trip. Floating row most of the morning with only a couple Spring jacks and pesky smolts taking the offer, so switched up to shortfloating some jigs, and boy was that the ticket, hit some froggy looking water, and BANG an absolutely...
  9. [FISHING REPORT] September 23, 2010 Skagit River Fishing Report

    Region 2 - Reports
    I fished the Skagit from 26 Mile Bridge downstream on Wednesday. It was a beautiful day, but the fish were hardly rising. I think I saw 4 fish rise all day, but I managed to hook three of them on dry flies. Green Drakes caught two earlier in the afternoon, and a gray fly of my own making caught...
  10. [FISHING REPORT] Vedder River Sept. 22, 2010

    Region 2 - Reports
    So I had canceled all my plans to go fishing today, told 2 people I was not going...had things to do at home. But...I couldn't sleep, body woke me up around 4:30 this morning and felt wide awake. Said to myself screw it I'm going, yanked some roe out of the freezer and packed up my vest and...
  11. Kootenay KingFisher Fishing Report to Sept 15‏

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    Well I've made it back from another summer of salmon and halibut fishing in Ucluelet BC. And what a summer it was. Excellent numbers of chinook salmon 18 - 35 lbs, and a few to 49 lbs. Get to outside south, southwest corner, or the Hyson. Get your big spoons and plugs down to 35 - 99ft and...
  12. Kootenay KingFisher Fishing Report to Sept 15‏

    Saltwater Professional Reports
    Well I've made it back from another summer of salmon and halibut fishing in Ucluelet BC. And what a summer it was. Excellent numbers of chinook salmon 18 - 35 lbs, and a few to 49 lbs. Get to outside south, southwest corner, or the Hyson. Get your big spoons and plugs down to 35 - 99ft and...
  13. Sockeye by Sandheads

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Me and my dad fished on friday at 6 in the morning and got 1 sockeye and then when out around 5 and caught another sockey. Then the next day it was way to windy by sand heads, so then on sunday the 6th we went out around 3-6:30 in the afternoon and we caught 8 sockeye all together! At one point...
  14. Lund Lake or Deep Rainbows...

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Lund Lake is in wardner near cranbrook. I have been fishing there and catching bass but found out there are also rainbow trout deep down. The lake itself in the middle is about 50 or more ft deep and the ppl i talked to said they are mainly hanging off the bottom. How would i go about catching...
  15. Custom Spinning Rod

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I recently took up building custom rods, and decided that my latest build would be a rod for my neice. She lives in Kamloops and my brother takes his kids out to the local lakes quite frequently, either still fishing from shore, or trolling very light gear. I wanted to build a rod that she could...
  16. [FISHING REPORT] Big OK (Island) Lake

    Region 3 - Reports
    Got there 10 pm Fri night. Sat was excruciatingly slow until the evening sedge hatch between 8 and 10 pm which was insane.12 fish in 2 hours. Sunday, more of the same. Searching during the day with mayfly nymph patterns, chironomids, damsel and Tom Thumbs got the odd fish including a 4 lber on a...
  17. [FISHING REPORT] peg jul 24 2010

    Region 2 - Reports
    In case anyone was wondering like I was, here is what it looks from the end of the gravel road.(I didn't fish)
  18. first post

    Member Introductions
    Hi all! Ok, a little about myself....well I used to fish a ton when I was younger but have been away from it for many years now. About a year ago I really started to feel like my kids were missing out so I got back into it! Since then I have been doing a lot of exploring and had my son out to...
  19. Marina in Ukee or Tofino?

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Anyone know of a marina in Ukee or Tofino that one can rent by the day.... would sure beat having to haul it out of the water every day when I'm there for a week this month... Thanks
  20. Osprey Lake

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Was up at Osprey Lake near princeton for the weekend with a group of gents on a bachelor party. Stayed at Osprey Lake Retreat, nice place at west end of lake, Thanks to Bruce our gracious host. We were into 2-3lb 'ers from the word go. Slayed fish all weekend long with Bingo Bugs trolled on lead...