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  1. large arbor fly reels are awesome

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    I'm new to using a large arbor fly reel and just had to say how much I really enjoy fishing it. Mine is a Snowbee Geo but the make probably secondary to my point in this post. Being able to catch up to a crazy coho that runs at break-neck speed from 100' out to inshore, goes around behind me...
  2. Interesting Developments Barkley Sockeye & FN's

    Environmental, Fishing Politics & Fishery Updates
    This afternoon I heard a rumor that DFO posted signage at the local marina to inform the local FN's they had reached their number and would therefor have to stop fishing immediately. Couldn't believe such a development could ever occur, so I ran down to have a boo myself... aYup, there it was...
  3. Which knot for flyline to backing??

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    It's been a while ... but wondering if everyone still uses the Nail-knot or is there better?