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  1. Trout roe as bait?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Went out for a day of fishing today on Cowichan Lake. Spent the day fishing off what's left of the old mill pier in Youbou and managed to catch a nice little 15 inch doe rainbow. I decided while cleaning her to check out what they were feeding on mostly and was impressed to find a crayfish...
  2. Dough balls and paste

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hey guys. Just wanna get a feel for your thoughts on the subject. Scanning the various forums and there seems to be a generic recipe for them. I've added a new piece to my group section under 'Baits' It's the last post...
  3. Why not make some time...

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Carp...all kinds of things spring to mind when you hear that word. Dirty. Bottom feeding. Trash fish. Invasive and above all, inedible. So, who said anything about having to eat them? Not all anglers eat their catch. And the ones that do only take the choice fish. The long and short of it is...
  4. Newsman's sport fishing column & report

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    Sport fishing column for Oct 25 to Nov 1, 2010 One of the keys to successful angling is analysis. I tell students in my fly fishing classes to analyze everything from start to finish, both good and bad, on every fishing trip. Analysis brings theory and theories proven or disproven bring...
  5. Imagine Hooking into This

    Contributer Discussions
    Stand back, he bites: British fisherman grapples with ferocious 'giant piranha'... which has been known to eat CROCODILES By Richard James Last updated at 3:45 PM on 20th October 2010 British angler Jeremy Wade looks understandably anxious as he grapples with this ferocious-looking 'giant...
  6. [FISHING REPORT] Vedder this week

    Region 2 - Reports
    I don't normally do reports but I did have the week off and..... 3 days fishing: short floating roe. (almost wish it wasn't working so I could work on my Jigs and Spoons.) 7-8 hours with the bait in the water. 20 fish played, 8 landed, one keeper (10lb Coho doe) and a number of missed...
  7. bait loop knot

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Having trouble getting the hook to hang straight on a bait loop knot, any body want to share their secret?
  8. coho lures and bait

    Freshwater General Discussion
    hi guys just wondering what you have all been having luck with for coho on the vedder ??
  9. fall and winter leader lengths

    Saltwater General Discussion
    gonna try to get out into west van , the freighters, during this fall and the other side of bowen this winter. does anyone have any tips on leader length for springs wether it be running blades, bait or hootchies thanks big joe
  10. Brad's baits

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Has anyone tried the Brad's baits? I purchased a couple last spring and gave them a try but was slipping and sliding in the boat when I tried to use the tuna and oil mix. What a mess!!! I wonder if trying again would be worth the effort. I must admit that I did not separate the tuna from the oil.
  11. Curing your roe

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hey all, I was just trying to search for some tips on curing roe on this site but seemed to come up empty handed....I was just wondering some of the steps you Veterans use to cure your bait. -Cheers
  12. Sturgeon Sunday

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I am heading out for a few hours Sunday morning. Somewhwere between Mission and the mouth of the Veddar. Planning on using roe and maybe dew worms as bait. Anybody have any input as to whats been working??
  13. Vedder Fishing

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hey Everyone I have recently moved to Vancouver from Ireland. I would consider myself an experienced angler but it seems that the techniques used here, especially for salmon fishing are quite different so I suppose even after 15 yrs fishing back home I am in the newbie category. I joined...
  14. Fishing fishing

    Hookup a Partner
    I'm looking to head to the Vedder tomorrow morning bright and early. Wondering if anyone wants to meet up? Not the most experienced angler, still learning the ropes and the river. Not incompetent either. Also the lower Fraser is opening up to salmon fishing again...or well I should say the bait...
  15. [FISHING REPORT] October 5, Okanagan Lake *OK Centre

    Region 8 - Reports
    Was such a sunny day when I woke up in Kelowna today I had to head out to do some shore fishing! I took the dog with me and arrived at Okanagan Centre around 10AM. Hopped the pesky fence they have put up half way down the pier (the dog just fit underneath the edge). I started out the day float...
  16. Vedder River Fishing tomorrow

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I am going to the vedder tomorrow from richmond at around 5am wanting to b e out on the water first light. This will be my first time on the vedder trying my luck for salmon there Any advice would be good. I will be float fishing and so far ive got Roe, whool and some fake eggs as bait. got...
  17. New Member

    Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, I just got into the salmon fishery last year around October and I'm still relatively new to the whole fishing game. my method is short drifting all sorts of lures and bait and my weapon of choice is a 10'6 drift rod medium action. See you all on the river in the weeks to come...
  18. Is my Fishing Rod Too big to fish the Vedder

    Freshwater General Discussion
    So im planning on going out to the vedder this weekend to try my luck with some buddies... I am fairly new to salmon fishing im sure you noticed my amateur posts earlier lol..anyways barrys bait and tackle shop in richmond sold me a Trophy 10 and a half foot spinning fishing rod with 15pound...
  19. Fishing in Chilliwack/Vedder River tips

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I am planning on going out to Chilliwack around 6am tomorrow morning from richmond. I plan on going fishing the chilliwack/vedder river.....I am a newbie to salmon fishing this year...had a blast during the socks :D ...I need some adivce as to how many lb line i need to use and leaders....as...
  20. [FISHING REPORT] bar fishing pegleg

    Region 2 - Reports
    was out friday with a friend to pegleg. went to north side, had whole thing to ourselves. fished for 6 hours with spinglows, no takers. good day to be out warm weather light rain. lots of sockeye passing through. was wondering when not using bait with spinglows are the odds against you for...