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  1. Lower Fraser Bar Fishing Map

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Hello Folks, I have compiled together a map of Lower Fraser Bar Fishing Spots, from "Bar Fishing The Lower Fraser" by Hugh Heighton and all original credits go to him. I have put the map up online on google maps, free of charge at the following link. http://goo.gl/maps/IxRtb Please enjoy...
  2. Carp and catfish fishing in the Okanagan

    Freshwater Tackle Talk!
    I'd like to do some carp and catfish fishing in the Okanagan area. I have a few questions about it. Could you recommend some lakes and/or spots? Will a 12 lb fluoro line be enough or they get really big? Alternatively, is 40 lb braid too visibile and would easily spook them? Where can I buy...
  3. Fishing fishing

    Hookup a Partner
    I'm looking to head to the Vedder tomorrow morning bright and early. Wondering if anyone wants to meet up? Not the most experienced angler, still learning the ropes and the river. Not incompetent either. Also the lower Fraser is opening up to salmon fishing again...or well I should say the bait...
  4. [FISHING REPORT] bar fishing pegleg

    Region 2 - Reports
    was out friday with a friend to pegleg. went to north side, had whole thing to ourselves. fished for 6 hours with spinglows, no takers. good day to be out warm weather light rain. lots of sockeye passing through. was wondering when not using bait with spinglows are the odds against you for...
  5. [SEEKING INFO] bar fishing

    Region 2 - Reports
    got all my bar fishing gear ready, have a couple of extra days off next week. then i reread the openings and closures. seems that the only walk in bar open after the 19th. is going to be pegleg, was looking forward to some relaxing fishing.all the bars upstream of pegleg are closed to salmon...
  6. [SEEKING INFO] fraser bar fishing

    Region 2 - Reports
    when the fraser closes for bait fishing are you allowed to use any scent on your spin n glow or artificial eggs or plastic roe imitations ? does the water have to be quite deep for spin n glows or about the same for bottom bouncing ? the bars like st elmo scale bar jones bar are these deep...
  7. [FISHING REPORT] Bar Fishing on Shuswap River Report (Enderby)

    Region 8 - Reports
    So ive gone out to enderby twice in the last few days.... and its my first time being out there or salmon fishing at all.. and i gotta say wow to the bridge where theres about 30 ppl in a line on the bridge... i dont even know how anybody could even fish together that close... if you can even...
  8. Too many sockeyes/people to bar fish for springs?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Amazing to see so many sockeye in the river, and the crowds they brings with them but...I am wondering if anyone has been out bar fishing for springs in the last 2 weeks. I would like to spend some time with the wife relaxing and catching some springs. I have had my fill of sockeye this year...
  9. Bar fishing east of chillwack!

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hi Guys, Are there any other bar fishing spots east of chilliwack that you can go to and avoid some of the sockeye mania. I was out trying today with really no success, I am trying to get my first Chinook, any ideas? Thanks
  10. fishing report for the last 2 weeks bar fishing

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Well we have been out on the river hunting springs bar fishing:p, and 2 weeks ago was not bad as we had to release some nice fish and lost some even nicer ones:(:(. We also had the opportunity to teach a little about releasing fish your not allowed to keep:thumbup:,---over sized fish, as the...
  11. Fraser bar fishing

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I live in maple ridge and i am wondering if anyone can give me some tips on where to go bar fishing around here. I live close to the old albion ferry, no boat...and would like to know if there are any deecent spots not too far, hope is too far, mission would be ok. Thanks
  12. River Coho Gear

    Freshwater General Discussion
    What kind of rod and reel should I be fishing coho with freshwater? I have a bunch of pike gear and Chinook bar fishing gear. I hate using 10 foot rods and my garcia 10000's seem like major overkill for coho. Will a 7 foot ugly stick med rod w spinning reel be good enough or do I need special...
  13. Reel Recommendation?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    So after a bad day on the river my reel broke after a bad spill wading. Anyone have a recommendation for a reel for chinook drift fishing. I prefer centerpin but anything works. Also any recommendations on a reel for bar fishing. Took out my old spinning bar reel and it's toast. I have 4 daiwa...
  14. [FISHING REPORT] Chilliwack river July 18th 2010

    Region 2 - Reports
    I would of loved to be out bar fishing the Fraser today, but with other things to do later on, decided to hit the Chilliwack for a bit in the morning in search of red springs. While there are a few fish through the system, I heard of a decent push making its way through. I made my decision on...
  15. anyone with a boat bar fishing

    Hookup a Partner
    anyone with a boat bar fishing this week who is willing to take me bar fishing too and give me few tricks and tips for bar fishing, as I have never really bar fished before, but have all the gear. will chip in for gas.
  16. [SEEKING INFO] fraser opening

    Region 2 - Reports
    anyone going out friday bar fishing? going to try sat morning,working over night so will leave at 5 am. hope there are some areas accessible on foot.so if i am sleeping on the bar it will still be better than sleeping in the bar!! good luck to any of you heading out in the next few days.
  17. Salmon fishing Tecnuiqes?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Ill be fishing the Fraser around hope end of july early august, what are some differnt ways to fish for salmon? I know Bar fishing is productive, but someone told me about fishing with yarn how do I do that? do i just tie alittle piece of yarn on the hook or just above it and drift it with the...