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  1. Region 2 - Reports
    Fished a squamish area river for 2 hours today,quite a few fish around saw a one beauty wild released from a bent rod jig.Missed a couple on blades and wool.Another week or so will definately get a good push of fish. EDIT:October 5th sorry guys
  2. Region 2 - Reports
    Made it out to Allison rec site at about 10:00 and me and my buddy went down to the river to go see it.(First time fishing steelys on the ved)Found a nice looking pool,we fished thru it a couple times.But!We caught nothing...We then made our way down river fished a couple spots my bud said he...
  3. Freshwater General Discussion
    I was wondering how to go to the spot number 30 on this map of the vedder. http://www.fredscustomtackle.com/assets/images/FishingReport/fredsmap.jpg a PM would be great. Thx
1-3 of 3 Results