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  1. Boating Forum
    I know this may be the wrong section to post this, but I figure the majority of boaters who keep their boats in the water 24/7 are people in the chuck. I am wondering if one is able to do oil changes and leg oil changes (outboard motor) when a boat is in the water. Would an oil pump be...
  2. Boating Forum
    Need help here ! A while back someone stole my Gas Tanks and Battery out of my Boat in Richmond, No way to tell the battery since it was a canadian tire special and there are probably lots out there BUT .... If you come across Gas Tanks with my Lic # on them (in black marker) , let me know ...
  3. Boating Forum
    Hi all you boaters out there !! I have always had a o/b engine and never purchased a inboard. I am looking at purchasing a used boat (7yrs old) with a Volvo 3.0 L SX in it I will have it checked by a certified mechaninc but WHAT SHOULD I BE LOOKING FOR ON THE SEA TRIAL ???? (OTHER than it...
1-3 of 4 Results