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  1. Region 2 - Reports
    Casted flies around the lower Squamish today.Good vis probably like 4-5 feet and very few people around.Not so many signs of fish around but i did manage 2 good looking chummers.Also managed to snag a lemon,yes a lemon a yellow lemon.Anyone know what the limit is for yellow lemonfish?
  2. Freshwater General Discussion
    short notice but here it is.... Hi Jim, I know this is short notice and all the work is during the week, but hopefully you could pass this along for me. I am looking for a couple volunteers to help out on the Silverhope next Wednesday (Oct. 20th) and Friday (Oct.22). We will be...
  3. Freshwater Tackle Talk!
    Hey guys, I need a new pair of waders. I was thinking neoprene, but I assume that breathables are the way to go. My budget is as low as possible! I know you get what you pay for, but I figure if I get a decent product and take good care of it, I should be able to get some good value out of...
1-3 of 3 Results