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  1. Bow River (Fish Cr Park) Calgary

    Angling Outside BC
    Hit the Bow last week with the fly rod just upstream of Fish creek, unfortunately the river was completely blown from the torrential rains that they had there. Fish cr was like chocolate milk, and the bank was caving in at a ridiculous rate. The main part of the Bow was like spring runoff, but...
  2. Kootenay Lake Fishing

    Freshwater General Discussion
    For those interested in Kootenay Lake fishing and Rainbow Trout, you may be interested in our website at kootenayangler.com. We've just posted a recap of our weekend at the 2010 Woodbury Resort Rainbow derby. Enjoy! We had lots of luck trolling flies such as the "grey ghost" polar hair fly.
  3. Epic day!

    Contributer Discussions
    Had a great day fishing a few Squamish tribs today! Landed a coho, 4lb dolly, 2 lb dolly, 3lb rainbow, a few more bows around 1 - 2 lbs, and ended the day with a chum that broke my sage 8wt in half!!! good thing for lifetime warranty!
  4. [FISHING REPORT] Edith Lake Oct 6th

    Region 3 - Reports
    Well in typical hot and cold fashion Edith slowed yesterday. Still into around 8-10 fish but nothing compared to the 5th. Still managed a nice football of a rainbow and the weather was unbelievable! Nice racoon eyes from my shades. Only a couple brookies to mention of both around a pound. Best...
  5. Kootenay KingFisher Fishing report to Oct.07‏

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    Moved the boat over to Kootenay Lake yesterday. Got the boat in the water and started fishing by 10:00am. Looked like it was going to be tough conditions as it was bright and sunny,only a small ripple, and the water temp was 57 degrees which seemed a few degrees high still. But we were there...
  6. [FISHING REPORT] October 5, Okanagan Lake *OK Centre

    Region 8 - Reports
    Was such a sunny day when I woke up in Kelowna today I had to head out to do some shore fishing! I took the dog with me and arrived at Okanagan Centre around 10AM. Hopped the pesky fence they have put up half way down the pier (the dog just fit underneath the edge). I started out the day float...
  7. rainbow stocked lakes

    Freshwater General Discussion
    almost all the lower mainland lakes are now stocked with catchable rainbows now gofishbc has the fall stocking details. was out with my son yesterday at one of them and he caught a couple of rainbows.. 1 just using a float with worm, and 1 with slip bell sinker with green powerbait. I caught...
  8. [FISHING REPORT] The Big Lake Oct 1st

    Region 8 - Reports
    I launched from Summerland yesterday with my step dad and his friend about 3pm and fished until just before 7pm. We fished around Crecent beach with nothing really showing on the finder so we headed across to Good creek area. We were trolling 1, 4 inch, trout pattern apex on the down rigger at...
  9. Braided snag...with a wild coho on the end

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Fished from a boat in the lower vedder for something different. Fished jigs with prawn, jigs with roe, jigs, spoons, spinners, roe...nothing but a couple coho chasing spinner close to the boat. But, I did hook into an unexpected snag in an area I had been drifting. My float dipped very slowly...
  10. [FISHING REPORT] vedder oct 1st

    Region 2 - Reports
    finding the vedder incredibly slow this year.....should be in full swing by now but just not happening.....3 1/2 hours on the water today saw one jack, and one spring jump......caught a very fat white fish and a beauty 3 lb rainbow on a blade.....only saw one other fish hooked and that was a...
  11. [FISHING REPORT] Chedder Sept 26

    Region 2 - Reports
    Hit the river with the buddy Sun.Started in the lower,saw some coho and some spring-jacks rolling.No action except someone releasing a foul-hook and my float taking a dip with nothing on the hook-set.Moved to the upper and found some action as soon as we arrived.Saw someone land a coho on a...
  12. coldwater river

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I was wondering if many people on this site have fished this river. i have heard it can be good for trout not sure at what times though. i fished it a week ago caught one small rainbow on a beaded nymph but that was it. also do the steelies make it up this far?
  13. Sept, 27, 2010, Squamish area rivers

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Had a look at the rivers in the Squamish area today, Howe Sound is BROWN, all the way up from Lions Bay,, never seen it quite that bad, Squamish river was the worst, running very high, looks like the Fraser Mamquam, high, and dirty but not blown out Cheakamus, running fast, brown, but looking...
  14. Kootenay KingFisher Fishing Report to Sept 15‏

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    Well I've made it back from another summer of salmon and halibut fishing in Ucluelet BC. And what a summer it was. Excellent numbers of chinook salmon 18 - 35 lbs, and a few to 49 lbs. Get to outside south, southwest corner, or the Hyson. Get your big spoons and plugs down to 35 - 99ft and...
  15. Kootenay KingFisher Fishing Report to Sept 15‏

    Saltwater Professional Reports
    Well I've made it back from another summer of salmon and halibut fishing in Ucluelet BC. And what a summer it was. Excellent numbers of chinook salmon 18 - 35 lbs, and a few to 49 lbs. Get to outside south, southwest corner, or the Hyson. Get your big spoons and plugs down to 35 - 99ft and...
  16. Bow River - 3rd week of September

    Angling Outside BC
    Hi guys, I am working in Calgary the third week of September, and have a day off while there to boot! what flies and areas would you recommend?...I'd prefer to walk/wade at a few choice spots (vs hire a guide)....haven't fished the river in 10 years.... would really appreciate any...
  17. how to have success at the bull river?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    title says it all... whatever is in there, how do you catch em? ive tried for bull trout and rainbow and only have caught a whitefish. haha any tips? or suggest find a better river?
  18. New Guy!!!

    Member Introductions
    Hey all, Jason is my name and i'm new to the forums and Fishing in the lower mainland!! I grew up in Barriere up near Kamloops and i can fish rainbow out of the lakes out there like nobodies business. Would love to hook into some nice Chinook/Sockeye/Steelhead and even some ocean fishing if...
  19. De-scale rainbow trout?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I've always fried rainbows as they've come out of the lake. However, at times I've seen guys de-scale them with something that looks like an SOS pad. Not sure why. Anyone know of any particular reason to do so?
  20. Lund Lake or Deep Rainbows...

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Lund Lake is in wardner near cranbrook. I have been fishing there and catching bass but found out there are also rainbow trout deep down. The lake itself in the middle is about 50 or more ft deep and the ppl i talked to said they are mainly hanging off the bottom. How would i go about catching...