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  1. Saltwater Professional Reports
    Fishing Report July 2, 2019 Ucluelet BC The fishing went from being mediocre in mid June to having great numbers of Chinook running along the shore along with lots of feed to keep them there. The best part for avid fisherman is that the size has been larger than expected. Our guide Darren...
  2. Saltwater Professional Reports
    September weather has been great makingfishing that much more enjoyable. Coho fishing in Barkley Sound hasbeen very good for the returning Coho to local rivers. Coho arerunning from 5 to 12 lbs and have been providing some nice scraps.They are biting on 3-3.5 inch Silver horde and Coyote spoons...
  3. Fly Fishing Discussion
    Once when coming to a run about half way up the road on the Copper we actually came upon a run that had not seen a fisherman in several minutes. And this was during prime time when a few of the Steelhead were willing to look in close for holding water. We got down on our hands and knees and...
1-3 of 3 Results