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  1. Rod Wraps!
    Decided to take on a fun project and build me a Rainshadow BP1265 downrigger rod. I am going with a Alps triangle reel seat and Tich guides with gold plating. She's coming along nicely so far!!
  2. Rod Wraps!
    I am thinking about building a rod for my friend who breaks rods so often. The size will be 10 and half feet and rating will be 10-20 pound line and more or less $100 will be spent for the blank. He fishes mostly on Chilliwack - Vedder system. Which one do you think will last longer before...
  3. Fly Fishing Discussion
    I am looking for a Spey rod blank 9 weight 14 feet plus parts. It has been a while scince i built a rod and it seems that my local fishing shops have gotten out of selling blanks and supplies for rod building.When I reserch online I find only US sites. There has to be a B.C. shop that still does...
  4. Freshwater General Discussion
    I recently took up building custom rods, and decided that my latest build would be a rod for my neice. She lives in Kamloops and my brother takes his kids out to the local lakes quite frequently, either still fishing from shore, or trolling very light gear. I wanted to build a rod that she could...
  5. Rod Wraps!
    I have considered building a new fly rod in the past and might actually do it in the near future. I currently have a 6 wt, 7 wt and a 7/8 wt. I would like to build a rod for use on LML lakes and the Skagit and will most likely choose to build a 4 wt. What length blank would be best to use? Which...
  6. Rod Wraps!
    Boy this rod building gig sure is addictive. Since I built my first steelhead rod I have now built the kids each a 2-6 lb light action spinning rods working on my sturgeon rod which is going to be a blast to fish with. I have a rewrap gig goin on with some older fiberglass mooching rods another...
1-6 of 6 Results