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  1. Cap

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Around when will the early coho run start in the capilano.
  2. Freshwater General Discussion
    Looking for a good way to rig spawn eggsacks. Ive looked all over the net with no answers other then how to make them. I use 6 egg per sack thats the size of my thumb.I tried size 1 but kept breaking the mesh. thanks trout
  3. Saltwater General Discussion
    Caught a dandy 26lb'r today at mid-flood. About 10 feet off the bottom right at the marker. Heading west, fishing a naked herring. About the pic... I don't usually look like such a tard... but the fish was damned heavy!
  4. Saltwater General Discussion
    Anybody been catching around the cap lately? I was out Friday and Saturday and didn't get a sniff. It seemed pretty quiet as far as boats go to. Just wondering if there was something I'm missing? Again thanks for the input.
  5. Saltwater General Discussion
    I think I may need a course on courtesy whilst trolling. Today out at the Cap everyone was doing the back and forth very orderly, was very smooth. When the boat in front of me got a bite, he threw her into neutral and told me to go around him... His boat went sideways and F'd everyone up. I...
  6. Saltwater General Discussion
    Was out at the mouth of the Cap today, dropped the crab and prawn traps early and was fishing by 8:00AM. Had two or three hits, and then right at the marker I got smacked by this 20lb-er. The boats were pretty thick in there, so I punched the throttle and headed out to the shipping lane...
  7. Saltwater General Discussion
    I had this situation happen to me a while back, and it's still kinda bothering me. I was trolling out at the Cap, and it was pretty busy out there. I do my best to keep out of people's way, and really try to anticipate what the other boats are going to do. I rarely get upset with people who...
  8. Region 2 - Reports
    It's been awhile since I got out and went out this morning. Made it to the river by 7;30'ish. The river had risen at least 3 ft over night. I thought OMJG it's going to be a good day. Well mother nature did not disappoint. There was virtually no one on the river so I called my wife to wake my...
  9. Saltwater General Discussion
    While I just about thought this site was useless, havn't seen a decent report on here for a long time and figured everyone must be using a different site to post. what is with the 20 posts to get into the reports section? hell I'm lucky if I get fishing ten days a year. I guess I have to talk...
  10. Fly Fishing Discussion
    Just wanted to mention that the number one way to kill a Steelhead due to catch and release is to catch them over and over in warm flows such as those being experienced right now, in the Fraser Valley. Just becuase a fishery is open does not make it a well planned fishery. Sometimes leaving...
  11. Saltwater General Discussion
    I am heading out on Sunday to fishthe mouth of the Fraser for the first time and was wondering where the beat place to launch would be? I am coming from poco and was thinking about either the macdonald launch or captains cove. Thoughts?
  12. Fly Fishing Discussion
    Hi, i havent done much fly fishing in the cap river but i would like to start now. Where would the best place to go right now to catch some nice Cap Coho? What # rod and line would i want, and what flies would i want to try? Thanks Cole
  13. Region 2 - Reports
    Fished the mouth in the afternoon from 5:30 to 8:00 during the low tide. No bites at all and no fish was seen but a guy passed by said he saw natives were catching them non stop???. Went sturgeon fishing later in the lower Fraser and caught couple 4+ and 5+. Great day to be out. Good luck to...
  14. Saltwater General Discussion
    I am probably heading out tomorrow to Sandheads for the first time on a friend of a friends boat. It will be our first time fishing there. Any suggestions for fishing without a downrigger would be great. I do have one downrigger but I'm not sure if his boat has the holes drilled to fit it so...
1-14 of 14 Results