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  1. [FISHING REPORT] Harrison Ho

    Region 2 - Reports
    Haven't posted in a while so here you go. Been out to the Harrison a bit more this year then previous with some good success. Caught this one on a spoon around 12:00 on Sunday the 24 just before it really started to blow. It has slowed down a bit since last week. This guy weighed in just under...
  2. chum

    Freshwater General Discussion
    fished the stave friday with my fishing buddy and my son.we used the bent rod jigs,they are the ticket.we did real well.my sons arm is still sore.some people around us did take notice and changed there tactics. it is good showing others that you can catch fish this way.we caught and gently...
  3. Fraser sockeye methods on the vedder

    Freshwater General Discussion
    fished the ved yesterday, hiked in to the big run above tamahi rapids, just one guy fishing the hike in side and half dozen from the road side.....2 guys and one women across from me dredging the bottom, no floats, constant snaggging up, rippin away, the idiot across from me dredges up a dark...
  4. Alaska Chinook Bycatch - Again!

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Fishermen in the Gulf of Alaska have accidentally caught an estimated 58,336 king salmon this year, an unprecedented level of bycatch that could lead to new fishing restrictions. In recent years the Gulf of Alaska’s bycatch numbers have hovered around 20,000 fish. This year’s numbers surprised...
  5. [FISHING REPORT] Ravin the Stave

    Region 2 - Reports
    Too much southern comfort in the hottub on thursday night prevented me from going to the vedder early as planned so grabbed the drift-rod and headed to the Stave to get rid of some roe too long in the beer-fridge. Got there about 9:30am and the Harvest Festival was in full swing. Walked the...
  6. Imagine Hooking into This

    Contributer Discussions
    Stand back, he bites: British fisherman grapples with ferocious 'giant piranha'... which has been known to eat CROCODILES By Richard James Last updated at 3:45 PM on 20th October 2010 British angler Jeremy Wade looks understandably anxious as he grapples with this ferocious-looking 'giant...
  7. New Cap Mouth Report

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Caught a dandy 26lb'r today at mid-flood. About 10 feet off the bottom right at the marker. Heading west, fishing a naked herring. About the pic... I don't usually look like such a tard... but the fish was damned heavy!
  8. Bent Rods jigs for Chum

    Advertiser Specials & Updates
    Hi folks. I first would like to thank everyone for supporting our product by purchasing our jigs and spinners, thank you very much people. I just wanted to mention that I had received a email about a fellow who had problems with hooks bending on Chums. These were 1/0 sickles in pin and bead...
  9. do fish get diseases

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I was out fishing yesterday and caught a nice chinook . It was still a very clean fish but when i landed it man was it nasty on one side of its head and part of its face. now i have fished almost my whole life and seen alot of fish mangled from this or that , meat falling off from decay so on...
  10. Stave river Oct 10 - illegal anglers

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hi Everyone, It is a nice day. I can't stay in home anymore. Drove to Stave river . Start from the west bank. Hate the non parking sign. But I parked at Ruskin park where has a big parking lot. just need to walk 5 to 10 mins to the bank. fished two spots on west bank and only see 1 chum with...
  11. rainbow stocked lakes

    Freshwater General Discussion
    almost all the lower mainland lakes are now stocked with catchable rainbows now gofishbc has the fall stocking details. was out with my son yesterday at one of them and he caught a couple of rainbows.. 1 just using a float with worm, and 1 with slip bell sinker with green powerbait. I caught...
  12. Stolen Fishing Gear.

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Dear fellow Anglers. Sat.October 2nd.Vedder River. Had a great day out fishing with my girlfriend. Beautiful Chrome Coho. Caught and released. We decided to stop for a bite to eat!! Beware of the Thieves in the Chilliwack area. We had our Truck broken into at the local Whitespot in and around...
  13. Thanks for the 'chovy tips!!!!

    Saltwater General Discussion
    I would have posted this in the report section, but it's not a BC Report. I was in the States :) I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the 'chovy rigging tips. I had a couple of friends come up from out of town and one of them had never caught a salmon of any sort. After reading the...
  14. [FISHING REPORT] Vedder - Oct. 2

    Region 2 - Reports
    I caught a beautiful 8 lb hatchery coho on the fly this morning downstream of Tamahi. I went to another spot this evening and tried for about 3 hours with no hookups. I don't think I've ever seen so many fish without hooking anything. The water was extremely clear, so maybe the fish were...
  15. [FISHING REPORT] The Big Lake Oct 1st

    Region 8 - Reports
    I launched from Summerland yesterday with my step dad and his friend about 3pm and fished until just before 7pm. We fished around Crecent beach with nothing really showing on the finder so we headed across to Good creek area. We were trolling 1, 4 inch, trout pattern apex on the down rigger at...
  16. [FISHING REPORT] vedder oct 1st

    Region 2 - Reports
    finding the vedder incredibly slow this year.....should be in full swing by now but just not happening.....3 1/2 hours on the water today saw one jack, and one spring jump......caught a very fat white fish and a beauty 3 lb rainbow on a blade.....only saw one other fish hooked and that was a...
  17. D.F.O. Screw-up!

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I have been away from the forum for quite some time,so I don't no if this subject has been brought up. I would like to share my complete frustration with D.F.O. The last week extention in this years Sockeye fishery was complete proof of how stupid D.F.O. really is. I was fishing in the last...
  18. Stave Sept 30

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I arrived at the river just before 7:00. There were a few fish around, I caught one chum (buck) not in good shape so back in the water. Hooked into one more but leader broke off. I was alone on the river except for a heron for about 1 1/2 hours. The fog was rolling around but the sun...
  19. [FISHING REPORT] Vedder Sept27th

    Region 2 - Reports
    Little late on the report, but thought I'd throw out my trip. Floating row most of the morning with only a couple Spring jacks and pesky smolts taking the offer, so switched up to shortfloating some jigs, and boy was that the ticket, hit some froggy looking water, and BANG an absolutely...
  20. coldwater river

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I was wondering if many people on this site have fished this river. i have heard it can be good for trout not sure at what times though. i fished it a week ago caught one small rainbow on a beaded nymph but that was it. also do the steelies make it up this far?