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  1. Freshwater General Discussion
    Hello, I will be visiting Kamloops from Ottawa for a couple weeks at the beginning of October and can't wait to fish for trout. Could someone suggest guides/charters that are known to be good and faitry priced that I could contact??
  2. Saltwater Professional Reports
    Vancouver Friday Fishing Report, March 8th The winter saltwater salmon fishing season can be described with one word, “challenging!” Fishing has been very tough locally with only a few small reports of fish being caught in the Vancouver harbour and Howe Sound area. Eddie was out on Monday...
  3. Saltwater Professional Reports
    Vancouver Friday Fishing Report, May 11th Pacific Angler Outlook: Great weather is on the way! It looks as though we are going to see a major heat wave over the next 10 days. Running the down riggers out in the salt chuck is an awesome way to spend the day and the fishing has been hot –...
  4. Saltwater Professional Reports
    The Chinook Have Arrived! Well if you read our last post on April 9th you will see that we were expecting some chinook to show at the end of April and they are here. It was pretty slow in April up until April 26th and then the fish really showed up. The fishing over the weekend and up until...
  5. Advertiser Specials & Updates
    Check out Pacific Angler's latest Newsletter for details on the epic sockeye run... http://myemail.constantcontact.com/The-Salmon-are-Here---.html?soid=1101213834936&aid=ZZgwEfTiTcw
  6. Vancouver Island
    After reading the thread talking about Gary Cooper seeming a bit "giddy".....I figured I should throw up some pics from Nootka in early-mid August. http://www.bcfishingreports.com/forums/threads/16805-Any-one-choked.......?p=131886#post131886 I usually end up fishing with my GF on the bulk...
  7. Saltwater General Discussion
    I am interested in trying to find out if anyone can recommend any affordable !?? self guided fishing lodges or a place that you can rent a boat to fish around Vancouver Island. I like boat Charters, but they often don't take single fisherman and sometimes I wish I had more time on the water. I...
  8. Freshwater General Discussion
    Hi Guys, I am coming over to Canada from the UK for three weeks from 29th August driving from Banff -Jasper- Whistler and Vancouver, mainly hiking sight seeing, but as a keen coarse and fly angler I hope to spend some time fishing for trout in the rivers/lakes on the way, maybe salmon in...
  9. Saltwater General Discussion
    I've heard this rumor that you can get into some nice Tuna off the west side of the island in the summer months. Anyone know of charters in Tofino or Ucluelet that may offer this?
  10. Angling Outside BC
    just wondering if any body has gone on these trips and where. looked at some on you tube but not a fan of thirty people on the same deck. would rely like to try in mexico any advise on charters and how to get catch home. any sugestions would be appreciated thanks.
1-10 of 12 Results