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  1. Fly Fishing Discussion
    I've got a bunch of unlabled fly lines in the bar that came with old reels I bought cheap at various different junk and thrift stores and garage sales. How can one tell what weight a fly line is?
  2. Fly Fishing Discussion
    I'm new to using a large arbor fly reel and just had to say how much I really enjoy fishing it. Mine is a Snowbee Geo but the make probably secondary to my point in this post. Being able to catch up to a crazy coho that runs at break-neck speed from 100' out to inshore, goes around behind me...
  3. Freshwater Tackle Talk!
    Looking at the Simms G4, G3 and the Headwaters guys... I like the waterproof pocket on the G4's, but that's not that important, the G3's will probably do the trick. Although, I read an old thread here from KP and he had some issues with them, he gets a lot of mileage as do I, so it does have me...
1-3 of 5 Results