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  1. Vedder river Steelhead smolts, release or not?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Every July, once the Chilliwack/Vedder re-opens for the beginning of Salmon season, there's a rush of people to the river. I am usually one of the people in that rush, and have -- in the past -- been really quite disturbed by watching some little family with tiny little fishing rods and a bucket...
  2. Chilliwack Lake is closed now, right?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Just checking that it is closed. What thinking about going up there this weekend, but heard otherwise. Thanks
  3. FN0912-RECREATIONAL - Salmon - Region 2 - Chilliwack River - Chum Update‏

    Recreational‏ - Updates & Notices
    Category(s): RECREATIONAL - Salmon Fishery Notice - Fisheries and Oceans Canada Subject: FN0912-RECREATIONAL - Salmon - Region 2 - Chilliwack River - Chum Update In the fall of 2006 a major flood event occurred after the majority of chum had spawned in the watershed likely affecting the...
  4. Blank Recommendations - Batson Or Talon?

    Rod Wraps!
    I am thinking about building a rod for my friend who breaks rods so often. The size will be 10 and half feet and rating will be 10-20 pound line and more or less $100 will be spent for the blank. He fishes mostly on Chilliwack - Vedder system. Which one do you think will last longer before...
  5. Stolen Fishing Gear.

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Dear fellow Anglers. Sat.October 2nd.Vedder River. Had a great day out fishing with my girlfriend. Beautiful Chrome Coho. Caught and released. We decided to stop for a bite to eat!! Beware of the Thieves in the Chilliwack area. We had our Truck broken into at the local Whitespot in and around...
  6. Chilliwack River, September 24th and 25th, 2010

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Went out both afternoons and explored a few spots below the Tamihi bridge down towards the Railway bridge. The fish are coming in; hooked into one coho, a couple of springs and landed a chrome spring jack which is on the barbecue. Still quite slow but seems like every day more springs are coming...
  7. Fishing in Chilliwack/Vedder River tips

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I am planning on going out to Chilliwack around 6am tomorrow morning from richmond. I plan on going fishing the chilliwack/vedder river.....I am a newbie to salmon fishing this year...had a blast during the socks :D ...I need some adivce as to how many lb line i need to use and leaders....as...
  8. Chilliwack Dart & Tackle Report

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    Fraser River Well it's finally over and the freezer is full!!! What more can we say, an amazing 8 week opening,34 million fish,everybody happy? Back to reality and proper fishing, Fraser river is now closed to sockeye retention but remains open below the boundry markers at Jesperson rd. This...
  9. Sockeye in the Vedder

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I've been hearing talk about the Cultus Lake sockeye in the Vedder, and in my 15 years of fishing that river, I've NEVER seen one. Until today, that is. I've been watching the government website for the water levels on the Vedder/Chilliwack for the last two dismal weeks, and the recent rain we...
  10. 35lb Spring? WTF!?

    Saltwater General Discussion
    My neighbor just caught a 35lbs spring in the Fraser up in Chilliwack... where are these damn fish in the chuck right now? anyone? anyone? bueller? No, seriously, does this mean the Tyee's are milling around at the mouth of the Fraser now? This will be my first year fishing the harbor, so if...
  11. the quiet, calm areas of the fraser for shore fishing

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I've avoided the Fraser entirely for about 10 or 12 years. The Gong Show I saw down there the few times I did go back in the late 90's left such a bad taste in my mouth I just never went back. That means that I have NO idea what bar is what bar or where or how busy they are. Generally, I...
  12. [FISHING REPORT] Aug 21, 2010 - Sandheads

    Vancouver & Sunshine Coast
    another Stellar day on the chuck. In the water by 8am and tubbed out by 11am. 40'-65' watch for jumpers and head for them. today the pleasure fleet was in the wrong hole, way out. the fish were in close, water was 150'-200' on the shelf heading north. by 11am they figured it out and were ontop...
  13. Prop boats in the Fraiser

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I have been fishing out on the Fraiser with a friend on his jet boat near chilliwack twice in the last week with good success. Been launching at the park for ten dollars. I noticed all sorts of types of boats from car toppers to fiber glass inboard outboards. My question is would I be crazy to...
  14. Chilliwack lake

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hello. Im just curious if anyone has been fishing chilliwack lake? And if anyone hhas fly fished it? i will be there for the weekend coming up and may try and do some fishing. I will not have a boat with me. I figured i would try the edges in the morning and evening. i have seen people fish off...
  15. Help wanted

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I've hurt my back and am having a hard time handling my boat alone. If someone can help with launching and anchoring I have a seat free. (boat's only 14ft but wide, stable and comfortable. P/M me if interested. In Chilliwack.
  16. Bar fishing east of chillwack!

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hi Guys, Are there any other bar fishing spots east of chilliwack that you can go to and avoid some of the sockeye mania. I was out trying today with really no success, I am trying to get my first Chinook, any ideas? Thanks
  17. NVO Report

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    NVO Report Nicola Valley Outdoors Fishing Report for August 10, 2010 Thompson River Jacks. We have been hearing of good catches from some folks who live up the river. The fly fishing has been very good...
  18. My First Salt Opportunity!

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Hey folks, A friend of mine has offered to take me out for my first time in the salt somewhere near Sydney. Needless to say I am going crazy trying to figure it all out. I was born and raised in Chilliwack so I have been river fishing my whole life but have to clue where to begin targeting...
  19. Chilliwack Dart and Tackle's Fishing Report 30 Jul 2010

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    30 July 2010 Fraser River Regulations changed on 30 Jul 10, you are allowed 4 Spring salmon per day with only one over 50cm. Sockeye opens are expected for mid-August but no retention as of right now. Chinook fishing remains steady with most fish caught on #0 and #2 spin-n-glos. Silver...
  20. [FISHING REPORT] Chilliwack river July 25 2010

    Region 2 - Reports
    Fish were rolling non-stop till about noon, but were not willing to strike most of the time. Landed 1 spring, 1 sockeye released, few fish got away. Fished different wool tie combinations, pink wool worked best yesterday.