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  1. Saltwater General Discussion
    I would have posted this in the report section, but it's not a BC Report. I was in the States :) I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the 'chovy rigging tips. I had a couple of friends come up from out of town and one of them had never caught a salmon of any sort. After reading the...
  2. Saltwater Tackle Talk!
    Generally, I run cut plug herring, but am going to give anchovies a whirl. How do you chovy guys run them? I was advised to buy some helmets, but a far as the hooks go...Just the same as cut plug herring? With herring, I run a 4/0 and 3/0 and about a 5' 25# leader. If some of you wouldn't...
  3. Vancouver & Sunshine Coast
    Heading out for my first trip this year. I have been very late on getting going, on holidays all of July! Going to try South Arm or T10. Any Suggestions? Lots of Sock's? Is it worth dragging an anchovy in hopes of a Spring? or just go for the Sockeye's?
  4. Saltwater Professional Reports
    June saw some great action! Gabriola Island was a great producer for chinooks up to 30 pounds! We had a quite few trips during the middle of the month where we hooked between 10 and 15 chinooks....fantastic action! It has slowed down over the last week, but it likely won't be long before...
  5. Saltwater Professional Reports
    We have had some solid fishing over the last couple weeks. Our best results fishing the Eastern shoreline of Gabriola Island! Thrasher Rock and the Grande have been kicking out good numbers of chinook salmon in the 10-25 pound range. There was even a 37 pound chinook and a few halibut caught...
1-5 of 5 Results