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  1. Buy, Sell or Trade - Classifieds
    Redington redfly 2, used a few times for short trips. Only a few scratches on the epoxy by the guides. Comes with rod tube that is not good condition but still holds the rod safe. Otherwise good condition. 180$ 85% condition Okuma Aventa 4.5. Reel goes for about 180-240 but will sell for 80$...
  2. Freshwater General Discussion
    Hey Guys! I've been reading a lot of articles around the web about what type of line is best to fish with for stream run Salmon (particularly Coho). Some people seem to swear by using 10-12 lb mono on their spinning reels (medium action) while others fight equally as hard for using 50 lb...
  3. Region 2 - Reports
    Follow me on Instagram @ Kyle_Rudkevitch Posting this here so all the Leechers don't see Well all i can say is WOW what a morning. :p:thumbup: Me and my 2 buddies all fished the same hole today all 3 of us were twitching jigs. Some of us had all the luck and some of us had none :-[ :-X...
  4. Saltwater Professional Reports
    Fishing Recap Ucluelet BC 2015 Every year we spend time trying to figure out what the next summer is going to bring. We look at the DFO forecast for local Vancouver Island rivers and of course the forecast for all the rivers south of us. Some years the forecast is inconclusive with some good...
  5. Fly Fishing Discussion
    Im looking for a fly rod mainly for beach fishing and found 2 rods im interested in. 1 is 9 ft and the other is 10ft. Is there much of a difference between them? Pros and cons of both?
  6. Saltwater Professional Reports
    BC Fishing the past few weeks has been very good. The chinook fishing have averaged 10-20lb range as well as coho, and halibut. The chinook fishing has been great at South Bank, Great Bear, Sail Rock, and inside Barkley Sound off the West Coast of Vancouver Island. The HOT lures offshore have...
  7. Cap

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Around when will the early coho run start in the capilano.
  8. Saltwater Professional Reports
    Fishing Report October 21, 2013 Fishing has slowed down for the season and the weather made it tough to get out most of the days in late September and early October. The weather recently has been beautiful though Salmon Eye Charters have pulled all their boats for the season and will start...
  9. Freshwater General Discussion
    Anyone know where i can buy a cheap bar rod holder. trout
  10. Saltwater General Discussion
    Never tried before want try this year i got all the gear but need to know a couple productive spots. PM me if you want it secret. trout
  11. Freshwater General Discussion
    Looking for a good way to rig spawn eggsacks. Ive looked all over the net with no answers other then how to make them. I use 6 egg per sack thats the size of my thumb.I tried size 1 but kept breaking the mesh. thanks trout
  12. Saltwater General Discussion
    Im wondering about fishing cohos off Ambleside and Cap mouth but since i live near Squamish do you know anything about the cohos in Furry ceek i heard there are springs and of course pinks.Last year at around October i went down to the creek mouth looked around finding nothing but then all of a...
  13. Freshwater General Discussion
    Got to the river at 07:00 Saturday morning middle of Coho prime time. Slowly pulled into the parking area, parked and got out in the rain. We were pleasantly surprised to see only 2 other cars parked; a VW wagon and a white mid 1990's 4Runner Toyota on the other side. The two people from the...
  14. Freshwater Professional Reports
    Sport fishing column for Oct 25 to Nov 1, 2010 One of the keys to successful angling is analysis. I tell students in my fly fishing classes to analyze everything from start to finish, both good and bad, on every fishing trip. Analysis brings theory and theories proven or disproven bring...
  15. Freshwater Professional Reports
    Hello everyone, hope you had a great fall of catching fish. September saw a huge push of fall Chinook in the Fraser Valley and our guides had some great days fishing spinners on the Fraser and other systems for these hard fighting large fall Chinook. The odd chromer is still entering the...
  16. Region 1 - Reports
    hey there, how is the san juan river right now? any coho's coming in? just want to get a feel for the conditions before i sarge out from victoria. thanks alot :cheers:
  17. Freshwater General Discussion
    fished the ved yesterday, hiked in to the big run above tamahi rapids, just one guy fishing the hike in side and half dozen from the road side.....2 guys and one women across from me dredging the bottom, no floats, constant snaggging up, rippin away, the idiot across from me dredges up a dark...
1-17 of 226 Results