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  1. Pacific Angler Courses, Dates and Availability - March & April

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    March and April Courses, Dates & Availability March and April are arguably the two best months of the year for river fishing within the Lower Mainland, Vancouver and Sea-To-Sky Corridor. These two months bring the peak of the winter steelhead runs and the annual fry emergence. And to get you...
  2. Pacific Angler Courses: September & October

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    Pacific Angler Courses: September & October The cool brisk days of fall have arrived in the Lower Mainland. With the cooler temperatures and a little rain, the salmon start pouring into our local rivers! Pacific Angler has some great courses for the months of September and October with a...
  3. Pacific Angler May & June Courses, Dates, & Availability

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    May & June Courses, Dates, & Availability The lake fishing and saltwater season is officially underway. Jason was out this weekend for the Mastering Local Saltwater Salmon course and had two exceptional days. Not only did the students have a chance to learn from a seasoned guide but they even...
  4. The Vacuum Cleaning Chronicles, Part III: Dealing with a Player

    Freshwater General Discussion
    The Vacuum Cleaning Chronicles, Part III: Dealing with a Player From the bank of the river, I see my client’s rod bounce. The line pauses. The rod bounces again. My heart quickens. The words “don’t set the hook,” whisper across my lips but I know that I don’t need to say it out loud – I have...
  5. Pacific Angler April Courses, Dates & Availability

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    April is here and just around the corner is the lake fishing season. We’ve got some specific lake fishing courses coming up in April and May to get you ready. The local saltwater salmon season has also been heating up and will continue to improve the further we get into the spring. If you...
  6. Pacific Angler News, Courses & Guided Adventures

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    It has been a crazy couple of months for the boys at Pacific Angler but we are finally settled and back into the groove. Check out the Pacific Angler Newsletter for the latest updates...8) Pacific Angler Newsletter
  7. Pacific Angler February Courses

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    February Courses and Availability It’s hard to believe that February is just around the corner. The staff are getting ready for our big move at the end of February. However, the boys are excited about the upcoming courses for the month of February. To start Jason will be getting into the...
  8. Chasing Cutthroat with Andre

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    Chasing Cutthroat with Andre Chasing cutthroat (cutties) or winter steelheading? This has been a constant battle for years when I fish from mid December to mid May. I love to fish for both of them but always have a hard time deciding which one to go for. These are the usual deciding...
  9. Courses for January 2012

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    January Courses, Dates & Availability Pacific Angler has got some great courses to start 2012. One of our two most popular course of the year are Steelhead Float Fishing and Fly Fishing Egg Patterns. A new course Pacific Angler is doing is the Warm Water Boot Camp. Casting expert Matt Sharp...
  10. Salmon River Fishing Courses

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    Pacific Angler just posted two more dates for their famous "Salmon River Fishing" courses in the latest Newsletter. Click on the link below for all of the details. Pacific Angler Newsletter
  11. Introduction to Chironomid Techniques with Trevor Welton, Presented by Pacific Angler

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    Introduction to Chironomid Techniques with Trevor Welton It is widely known that chironomids are the number one food source for trout in BC’s prolific lakes. Therefore it should be no surprise that to be a top stillwater angler you need to have a solid understanding of the chironomid life...
  12. Dough balls and paste

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hey guys. Just wanna get a feel for your thoughts on the subject. Scanning the various forums and there seems to be a generic recipe for them. I've added a new piece to my group section under 'Baits' It's the last post...
  13. [fishermenlist] Disease secrecy ramps up‏

    Environmental, Fishing Politics & Fishery Updates
    Dear Salmon People: Please see letter below to the BC government. It just came to my attention that the salmon feedlot owners are refusing to allow government to test the fish in their pens for disease as of April 1 2010, they will not even give them access to their dead fish. I don't know...
  14. Spring 2010 Courses

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    WE HAVE A WIDE VARIETY OF COURSES IN THE UPCOMING MONTHS On The Water Cutthroat Fly Fishing Saturday April 3rd. On The Water Steelhead Fly Fishing Sunday April 18th. One Day Fly Casting Saturday May 1 (Vancouver), Sunday May 2 (Surrey). Chironomid Fly Tying Saturday April 24 (Surrey), Sunday...