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  1. Crabbing and prawning in the Broughtons

    Saltwater General Discussion
    We are going to Echo Bay, Sullivan Bay area and while we haven't had trouble salmon or bottom fishing, we've never had much luck with crabs and prawns. Any tips anyone would be willing to share? We just want enough to eat, maybe take home some prawns. Do you need to babysit your traps? Thanks...
  2. Hello!

    Member Introductions
    Hello Everyone, My name is Deven, I am a avid sports fisherman, I have knowledge in "nova scotia mackerel fishing" and fish it every summer if you have any questions regarding that fishery, fire away! I do reside here in the lower mainland, I mostly river fish the squamish and vedder. But I do...
  3. Crabbing at White Rock

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Hi - I'm new on the boards (though I've been a bit of a lurker for a while). I generally fish out of a kayak and I was wondering if White Rock is a decent place for crabbing. I live near White Rock and it has easy access to the salt for kayakers. Is there decent crabbing there? Also, are...
  4. Fishing and crabbing south of Galiano island

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Hello everyone, I'm planning to go to Galiano island in a few days and spend 2 nights at Montague park. A few things we're going to do there include crabbing and fishing Firstly, about fishing. I'm completely novice to fishing, the only type of fishing I have done before is spin fishing in...
  5. The transition...........crabbin and dolphins

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Well we finally made the transition from West Coast to East Coast with the Sculpin. Made her in one piece no problems along the imfamous Tofino highway;). We left Salmon Beach around 8:30 this am and headed home for lunch and a short rest only to throw in the crab traps and launch down at...
  6. Sandheads Crabbing

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Got a buddy in town from Calgary. Taking him out on Saturday morning and hoping to bonk a couple of socks for him. I was wondering where a good area is for crabbing off the South arm? I don't really care if I eat any more crab this season but the Calgarians look forward to it all year. Any out...
  7. Crabbing/Prawning in Vancouver Area?

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Hi BCFR! I think I need a little help. My grandparents are having a dinner in the middle of Sept and they've requested some fresh crab. I know that the commercial guys are out there right now, but will there be any left around during that time? I have a fairly long range with my boat and I'm...
  8. Coal Ports to Sandheads

    Saltwater General Discussion
    I am planning on launching the boat this weekend and I was wondering if anyone has had any luck around the tsawwassen coal ports or out towards sandheads? The crabbing is always great here but I have had little luck in the past with salmon. I am running two scotty elect riggers.
  9. Galiano Crabbing?

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Crabbing around Galiano Island? Looking to hear of a few good spots to go crabbing around the Gulf Islands? I would like to stay in the Galiano Island area, but for the right spot I would make the run. Location and depth? Is the tide going to be a factor? Meaning is setting the trap on the...
  10. [FISHING REPORT] crabbing in Burrad inlet

    Vancouver & Sunshine Coast
    managed to make it out crabbing in Burrad inlet with a bunch of old geezers on saturday. We put out 4 traps and after pulling each one up 5 times we had 20 very nice keepers. The hot bait was a freezer burnt piece of bear meat. It was sort of shocking to see that Port Moody charged $18.50 for a...
  11. Hecate Strait Fishing Charters Report: Prince Rupert, BC-April 12, 2010

    Saltwater Professional Reports
    Fish in April have been great! The eulachon came in not as strong as they have in past years but a good return still. Right behind the eulachon came the herring all a good size and in good numbers as well. Following both of these fish is the ever hungry Pacific Halibut. I have been fishing in...
  12. Need advice for fishing Work Channel.

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Fishing Work Channel Has anyone ever fished at the head of the Work Channel near the boat launch and campsites? If so what did you catch? Cheers, Seth