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  1. Testing a downrigger camera

    Saltwater General Discussion
    This week I put together a few disparate parts to complete a downrigger arm for my CONTOUR camera in an underwater housing. I plan to record the action (or non-action) while fishing this weekend at Yeo Point on Salt Spring Island, and Fairfax Pt on Moresby Island. Here's a photo of the arm I...
  2. Question about downrigger rods

    Saltwater Tackle Talk!
    Thinking about upgrading my downrigger rods and have a question about length. I currently have two 8'3" convergence rods which work well enough, but I was wondering why a lot of people use 10'6" mooching rods with their downriggers. I know the shorter rods are easier to use in a small boat, but...
  3. What were they fishing for?

    Saltwater General Discussion
    I went for a walk along furry creek beach last night and around 5-6pm i saw a small boat with to men and it looked like they were trolling.Because they had downriggers and had bent rods.I was wondering what they were fishing for because i never seen any fish in may .(other than flounder,cutties...
  4. Cost effective (read: Cheap) electric downriggers?

    Boating Forum
    Where is the most cost effective place to buy electric downriggers? (I know the used spots and am keeping a look out there too..... but haven't seen much and you really never know how well or even IF they work....). I have a friend that has reached the point in his life where the manual ones he...
  5. FishTV

    Saltwater General Discussion
    I was at a tackle store today and saw a nifty gadget... it was an underwater video camera that could go as deep as 100ft. It came with an attachment for a downrigger cable. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with such novelties? I'd love to hear a report... I'm not sure they'd be all that...
  6. Building New Rainshadow Downrigging Rod

    Rod Wraps!
    Decided to take on a fun project and build me a Rainshadow BP1265 downrigger rod. I am going with a Alps triangle reel seat and Tich guides with gold plating. She's coming along nicely so far!!
  7. best manual downrigger

    Saltwater General Discussion
    i,m looking for a used manual d.r. has anyone used all the different brands out their with a favorite thanks joe
  8. [FISHING REPORT] The Big Lake Oct 1st

    Region 8 - Reports
    I launched from Summerland yesterday with my step dad and his friend about 3pm and fished until just before 7pm. We fished around Crecent beach with nothing really showing on the finder so we headed across to Good creek area. We were trolling 1, 4 inch, trout pattern apex on the down rigger at...
  9. It's time for a new downrigger rod!!!

    Saltwater General Discussion
    So I've been contemplating getting a new downrigger rod to go with my Islander MR3, single action reel.... Choices rattling around my head are a Sage SA4120 or getting a custom 10'6" Rainshadow rod of the equivalent. Some guys are saying that a 12' rod is simply too much rod for downrigger or...
  10. Electric downrigger opinions please!!

    Saltwater General Discussion
    I am looking to upgrade to a 16-18' bowrider style boat and am trying to get all my ducks in a row as far as outfitting it the way I want so i will know what my budget will be at the end of the day. So first off I am looking for a nice compact electric rigger and am looking for some first hand...
  11. Stacking Flashers for Sockeye

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Aug 23/10 When stacking flashers, I find that the wire clips don't stay put on my braided downrigger line. I've resorted to using multiple bead stops (the proper braided line stops) to hold the clip in place. There must be a better way. Any ideas? Thanks.
  12. Kalamalka Lake - South

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Greetings all, I am looking for any tips on slow trolling Kalamalka Lake's southern area. I am hoping there is a boat launch in the area and some decent fishing... I will be going in a few weeks. Any info would be very appreciated (lures, weight, good spots etc...). I will be trolling without...
  13. Cannon Electric Downrigger

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Swithched from steel to braided line and now I have to hold the up button continually to get the ball to the surface. It used to work automatically with the steel line. Anyone have any ideas as to what might be wrong. I also have a brand new electric Cannon downrigger for sale. Cost new $650 US.
  14. [FISHING REPORT] pink apts.

    Vancouver & Sunshine Coast
    First blood in new boat. fished 9-10:30 around bell with no luck.headed over to west van dropped gear at qb and trolled towards pink apt. within10 mins. had a good fish on and lost it about 40 feet back on the surface.60ft green white coyote,as im holding rod cussing, rod at 44ft red flasher...
  15. Positive voltage control/Black box

    Saltwater General Discussion
    I've read about this for some time now and finally got around to doing a test. I guess it's best to be around .600, from what I've read. This test was done with metal downrigger cable. My question is, I have spectra on two of my downriggers and I was wondering if that would eliminate the voltage...
  16. Rust

    Saltwater General Discussion
    apart from the freshwater hosedown after use, how do you guys fight rust in your boats (downrigger booms, screwheads, knifeblades, pliers, etc.)?? Cheers, Nick