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  1. Time for those who dare to do unthinkable

    Environmental, Fishing Politics & Fishery Updates
    My birthday is coming up and to reward myself for leaving fish where I have found them and also encouraging others to fish responsibly for many years, I will do something completely off the wall this year! Being a Libra and knowing that some of the best fishing can happen on dates around my...
  2. Advice when releasing Cariboo and Kamloops Rainbows

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Often I have been in a difficult situation using even a 7 weight fly rod and eight to ten lb leader ("tippet") when catching these magnificent fish. The problem is precisely that they do have a tendency to fight to themselves to near death on some lakes. The solution is of course to not...
  3. A new idea for our old democracy

    Environmental, Fishing Politics & Fishery Updates
    Are you disillusioned with politics in Canada? Do none of the parties represent you or what you think are the issues in your riding? Think if ever person in each riding was able to vote directly on the issues at hand and the Member of Parliament then voted according to the majority decision...