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  1. BCFR Fishouts
    To the Members of BCFR.... I am posting this on the Freshwater Board to get a handle on who might be interested in mentoring or participating in this one day event????..Last year we had fishing, lunch speakers,and swapped a few fishing yarns during the day. It will likely be held in Feb. or...
  2. Boating Forum
    Buddy of mine and I were talking about access to your boats..... I am lucky enough to have side yard access that I gravelled, put up one of those portable Costco garages and have my boat 6' from my garage door..... My buddy on the other hand has a long drive to his boat, then an even longer...
  3. Region 3 - Reports
    Well, Over the past 3 weeks I have been spending a great deal of gas carefully watching some of my favorite low elevation lakes for the first sign of open water. Last week I began to see bays opening up and some clear water on several at around the 700m and lower mark. Friday, once again I...
1-3 of 3 Results