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  1. Extended Hours at Pacific Angler

    Advertiser Specials & Updates
    I just wanted to let you know that Pacific Angler has extended business hours for this week. We are open from 10 AM to 8 PM from Monday December 19th to Friday December 23rd. On Saturday December 24th we will be open from 10AM to 5PM. Click on the link below for the details...
  2. The Ultimate Wish List

    Advertiser Specials & Updates
    Every year fellow fishermen wake up on the 25th of December in anticipation of that new reel they've been dreaming of. 9 out of 10 times they get a fishing calendar or handful of flies that they'll never use. Well, now you can actually get what you want without giving out big hints. Sign...
  3. Pacific Angler: Fall River Fishing for Salmon - Floats, Spinners and Spoons

    Advertiser Specials & Updates
    Fall River Fishing for Salmon -Floats, Spinners, and Spoons- The Fall River Fishing for Salmon Course (Floats, Spinners, and Spoons) is an in-depth look at the many tactics for hooking salmon using gear. This includes floats, spoons, and spinners. Important topics such water conditions, run...
  4. Bon Chovy Fishing Charters Report, March 03

    Saltwater Professional Reports
    Spring is just around the corner! Having said that the recent weather has made it feel like spring anyway. There has been some nice fish up to 15 pounds around over the last few weeks! The problem is that on some days it takes a lot of searching to find the fish. We have been averaging 2-4 hook...