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  1. [FISHING REPORT] Lower squamish

    Region 2 - Reports
    Casted flies around the lower Squamish today.Good vis probably like 4-5 feet and very few people around.Not so many signs of fish around but i did manage 2 good looking chummers.Also managed to snag a lemon,yes a lemon a yellow lemon.Anyone know what the limit is for yellow lemonfish?
  2. Salmon/Steelhead Fly tying

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    I'm looking for some opinions on these two flies. I normally fish stillwaters and haven't been tying very long at all. I have only ever tied local such as chironomids, caddis, leeches etc. But I've never attempted flies for salmon or steelhead. These are my first two ever attempted which I...
  3. The Vacuum Cleaning Chronicles, Part IV: "What Fly Should I Use?"

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    The Vacuum Cleaning Chronicles, Part IV, “What Fly Should I Use?” “What pattern should I use?” is the number one question I hear out on the river. To be honest this is the least important peace of information I can provide. I am sure a number of you that have fished with me are now...
  4. Viceless or in hand fly tying.

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    Does anyone here tye without a vice? If you have can you add a pic or two?? Sorry about the quality...it's a one true media thing.
  5. Nicola Valley Outdoors Fishing Report for October 20th 2010

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    The water temperatures are now in the zone where the fish are eating everything they can get their fins on before the ice man cometh. Reports from Lundbom are that black micro leeches are still the ticket for fish to 24 inches. Roche is fishing with, you guessed it, micro leeches in varying...
  6. Kootenay Lake Fishing

    Freshwater General Discussion
    For those interested in Kootenay Lake fishing and Rainbow Trout, you may be interested in our website at kootenayangler.com. We've just posted a recap of our weekend at the 2010 Woodbury Resort Rainbow derby. Enjoy! We had lots of luck trolling flies such as the "grey ghost" polar hair fly.
  7. First white on the spey

    Contributer Discussions
    Picked up the two hander for some r&r and hit the vedder hoping to hook up with something substantial. Spent some time walking and exploring to get away from the crowds and get to know the river a bit. Found lots of nice water away from the gong shows and hooked into three springs and what I...
  8. Kootenay KingFisher Fishing report to Oct.07‏

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    Moved the boat over to Kootenay Lake yesterday. Got the boat in the water and started fishing by 10:00am. Looked like it was going to be tough conditions as it was bright and sunny,only a small ripple, and the water temp was 57 degrees which seemed a few degrees high still. But we were there...
  9. Howdy Folks

    Member Introductions
    Hmmm, what to tell you...basically I've just gotten back into fishing this June after taking about 5 years hiatus...was busy training to race kayaks and surfskis...is great to be getting reacquainted with my fly fishing gear and of course our fish. I'm mostly a lake fisher, pretty much...
  10. Reel songs

    Freshwater General Discussion
    It's sad one can't let a reel sing. You know, the sound that increases your heart beat a bit more than the tug, the run, the jump. (the adrenaline rush) I hate and love the mute on my baitcaster. I can fish stealth or, if I know I'm alone (not these days!) turn it on. Got some old reels I wanna...
  11. [FISHING REPORT] Vedder - Oct. 2

    Region 2 - Reports
    I caught a beautiful 8 lb hatchery coho on the fly this morning downstream of Tamahi. I went to another spot this evening and tried for about 3 hours with no hookups. I don't think I've ever seen so many fish without hooking anything. The water was extremely clear, so maybe the fish were...
  12. [FISHING REPORT] September 23, 2010 Skagit River Fishing Report

    Region 2 - Reports
    I fished the Skagit from 26 Mile Bridge downstream on Wednesday. It was a beautiful day, but the fish were hardly rising. I think I saw 4 fish rise all day, but I managed to hook three of them on dry flies. Green Drakes caught two earlier in the afternoon, and a gray fly of my own making caught...
  13. Brook Trout in shallow Lake

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hi all, I am off for the weekend again, cant wait. I am fishing shallow lakes, Fish Lake and McCulluch or Hydraulic Lake as it is sometimes called (avg depth about 12-18ft) which are stocked with Eastern Brook Trout. Any tips? I hear they are easily spooked and mostly go for bugs, flies...
  14. fishing the squamish

    Freshwater General Discussion
    morning all! My friends and i are on our way to squamish on the 15th October to fish for Chum and maybe Coho (fingers crossed!) i just wondered if any of you local fisherman could offer any tips on flies etc........ i fished it the same time last year and was successful but obviously you can...
  15. Bow River - 3rd week of September

    Angling Outside BC
    Hi guys, I am working in Calgary the third week of September, and have a day off while there to boot! what flies and areas would you recommend?...I'd prefer to walk/wade at a few choice spots (vs hire a guide)....haven't fished the river in 10 years.... would really appreciate any...
  16. Inconnu?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hi all, I'm heading up to the yukon at the end of September for a couple of weeks, to try and pursue inconnu. Does anybody have any info on them? I got a slight idea of what to look for and that they are an agressive fish eater, so i'm thinking big fishy flies. Any starting out help would be...
  17. Skagit River

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Heading up to the Skagit on Thursday . Anyone have a report on water level and what might be the best fly fishing tactics and flies to use?
  18. [FISHING REPORT] Campbell River, Aug 4, 2010

    Region 1 - Reports
    Chum8888 and I did the trip to Campbell River yesterday to get in on the pink action. Took the 5:15 AM ferry and was on the water by around 9:15. River is running clear, and the fish are in thick. Most are bullet chrome, with the odd fish showing just a hint of colour. River was busy, but...
  19. Thompson river trout?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Anyone been up to the T for rainbows lately? Just wondering how it's fishing and what flies they take. Fishing on the Little Campbell out here in south surrey has been great in the evenings. Some large cutties in there!:
  20. Cabo Flyfishing

    Angling Outside BC
    Looking for some input as to guides that anyone can recommend out of cabo. I will be fly fishing and looking to hook into some billfish and dorado. If anyone has some experience with lines and flies that will also be appreciated. I will of course post my report upon my return.