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  1. Salmon/Steelhead Fly tying

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    I'm looking for some opinions on these two flies. I normally fish stillwaters and haven't been tying very long at all. I have only ever tied local such as chironomids, caddis, leeches etc. But I've never attempted flies for salmon or steelhead. These are my first two ever attempted which I...
  2. Pacific Angler Courses, Dates & Availability

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    March Courses, Dates & Availability For the BC Coastal Angler March is a month of promise. There is so much going on at this time of year that all of the boys in the store are itching to take time off to maximize time on the water. From dime bright winter steelhead, to cutties and bulltrout...
  3. Courses for January 2012

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    January Courses, Dates & Availability Pacific Angler has got some great courses to start 2012. One of our two most popular course of the year are Steelhead Float Fishing and Fly Fishing Egg Patterns. A new course Pacific Angler is doing is the Warm Water Boot Camp. Casting expert Matt Sharp...
  4. Liquid Lace Fly Tying Demo Presented by Pacific Angler, Monday May 19

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    Liquid Lace Fly Tying Demo Presented by Pacific Angler, Monday May 16 Liquid Lace Fly Tying Demo with Ed Smith from Unique Fly Fishing We are pleased to announce that Ed Smith from Unique Fly Fishing will be doing a fly tying demo using Liquid Lace at Pacific Angler on Monday, May 16th from...
  5. Spring 2010 Courses

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    WE HAVE A WIDE VARIETY OF COURSES IN THE UPCOMING MONTHS On The Water Cutthroat Fly Fishing Saturday April 3rd. On The Water Steelhead Fly Fishing Sunday April 18th. One Day Fly Casting Saturday May 1 (Vancouver), Sunday May 2 (Surrey). Chironomid Fly Tying Saturday April 24 (Surrey), Sunday...