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  1. Where to buy 5 weight

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    Hi im looking for a 5 weight fly rod for 100-170$ Anyone know where i can buy one?ill be just using it for trolling in my float tube for smaller trout and bass. thanks
  2. What type of Flyline for Steelhead?

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    This is the first Steelhead season for me. I have recently purchased a Sage real and rod (8 weight) that I have set up for Coho. I know that I need a sink tip to get to the Steelhead. Can anyone recommend a good fly line I should look into? I heard Rio VersiTip is what I should be looking for...
  3. [FISHING REPORT] My 10 day on the Morice

    Region 6 - Reports
    Normally we spend 1 week at the Kispiox and 1 week at the Morice, but due to the ridiculous 'entrance fee' First Nations ask there for being on their reserve ($100 a day per person and another $100 for the pontoon), we decided this time to spend our time totally at the Morice. As aliens we...
  4. One fine day on the Copper

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    Once when coming to a run about half way up the road on the Copper we actually came upon a run that had not seen a fisherman in several minutes. And this was during prime time when a few of the Steelhead were willing to look in close for holding water. We got down on our hands and knees and...
  5. Is a drift still possible on Woss?

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    The Woss is a difficult access, on foot at least. From the river bridge just below the lake there is a path but it only goes for a short distance and is very brushed in unlike rivers which see large numbers of anglers. However the Woss is a very good fly river as is some of the water on the...
  6. Stilwaters in Houston area

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Early September I'm going to Houston, BC to fish the Morice for 2 weeks. As a NRA I'm not allowed anymore to fish the rivers there during the weekends, so some stillwater fishing and recreational sightseeing will be done to kill some time there. Besides my Speyrods, my#6 rod is now joining me...
  7. Flyfishing Mabel lake, any ideas?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Next week I will be heading off to Mabel lake for a camping trip with some buddies before the winter hits. Since I mostly fish mountain lakes, I am not used to fishing on big lakes so I need a few hints. I would rather use my fly rod than my spinning rod, but I think that this might limit me...
  8. Fly Fishing Opportunities Harrison River

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    Guys, Just joined this forum. Has anyone been out flyfishing the Harrison River lately, I am travelling from Ontario this week and I am planning on spending the weekend in the Lower Mainland and want to fly fish for some Salmon, just wondering if the Coho have started in the Harrison or is...
  9. August 28 2010, Skagit River with amazing underwater video footage

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    Howdy! I went fishing in the Skagit River for a few hours yesterday. The water is low, as can be expected this time of year. We decided to start at the 26 mile bridge and walk downstream, as I have not explored this part of the river in a few years. There were a few fishable pools within...