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  1. Fly Fishing Discussion
    I have a broken pre-1994 Powell flyrod (graphite). A 600.00 rod when it was new, it carries a lifetime warranty but the Powell Co. has since changed ownership (Charles Schwaub) and their policy on the original rods is 50% upgrade on a new rod, which are pretty much just generic middle of the...
  2. Freshwater General Discussion
    Just thought I'd post this as a reminder to all to be careful out there! On Saturday, I decided to visit some familiar spots along the Squamish north of Ashlu. The torrential rains of last week sure brought the river up to incredible heights - the brush along the banks was stained with silt at...
  3. Region 2 - Reports
    I know everyone is in the sockeye right now, but man oh man...I have to share this! We took a kid and his mom out fishing today and they had a blast with small bows. I left my 5 wt at home thinking maybe I can get lucky with a salmon on my 8wt. So while they were fishing, I thought I'd try a...
  4. Freshwater General Discussion
    Can you fish down the othello tunnels on the coquihalla that runs through? are there any trout in there? anyone been there recently? im going there on the weekend just thought id as if it would be worth my while to bring along my flyrod? any info?
  5. Freshwater General Discussion
    hey guys just wondering if anyone's been on the chehalis fishing recently? i'll be bringing my flyrod and my buddy will be using spinning tackle. going to be mostly targetting trout i also have a gear rod for anything bigger but is there any reason to bring that right now? thanks for your help...
  6. Advertiser Specials & Updates
    Hello everybody, I hope this finds everyone in the middle of an amazing fly fishing season. Here at the shop we are all getting pretty excited as we just placed our opening order with C.F.Burkheimer. We should have a few in stock within a week or two. If you are unfamiliar with Burkheimer rods...
1-6 of 6 Results