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  1. just trying to get a handle on things for all of us

    Freshwater General Discussion
    First off let me say hi to all that may read this post. I am writing this post, to clear up some things and to help others understand what is going on with a lot things that are taking place on our rivers, and with a sport that we all say we love. I will start by apologizing for some of are...
  2. Adams River Photos

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Photos taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC TS-1
  3. [FISHING REPORT] Stave river Oct 19 - chum jig + short float works the best

    Region 2 - Reports
    Hit the west side of the river on 8:15. I will say not every many people out because it is Tuesday. My fishing buddy showed up about 8:45. I used chum jigs , the jig worked like magic. the second cast I landed the first one this year. It was a nice doe. I could see the float totally been...
  4. Spool Keepers Made Easy and easy DIY!!!

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Spool Keepers Made Easy an easy DIY!!! (mod wasn't sure where to put this because it is actually salt and fresh related) I recently saw this info on another site and appreciated the cool idea. With the posters permission, I wanted to share this idea for keeping your mainline and leader spools...
  5. Vedder Fishing

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hey Everyone I have recently moved to Vancouver from Ireland. I would consider myself an experienced angler but it seems that the techniques used here, especially for salmon fishing are quite different so I suppose even after 15 yrs fishing back home I am in the newbie category. I joined...
  6. Hello

    Member Introductions
    hello, I have been using this awesome forum for a long time now... so its time that i should at the very least register .. thanks for everything8)
  7. D.F.O. Screw-up!

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I have been away from the forum for quite some time,so I don't no if this subject has been brought up. I would like to share my complete frustration with D.F.O. The last week extention in this years Sockeye fishery was complete proof of how stupid D.F.O. really is. I was fishing in the last...
  8. Fly Fishing Opportunities Harrison River

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    Guys, Just joined this forum. Has anyone been out flyfishing the Harrison River lately, I am travelling from Ontario this week and I am planning on spending the weekend in the Lower Mainland and want to fly fish for some Salmon, just wondering if the Coho have started in the Harrison or is...
  9. starting out charter boat

    Saltwater General Discussion
    hi i am new to the forum and was wondering if anyone out there had any information about starting up a charter boat. i know there is a guiding liscene and that u need a minimum of 2500000 libility coverage. i also heard there is an exam, i was wondering where they offer it? and im also just...
  10. Trout Fishing on Lakes in the Fall

    Freshwater General Discussion
    HI, I'm new to this forum - what a great site by the way! I've gained some valuable knowledge by reading through a lot of the topics, and I really appreciate it. I've spent the whole summer repairing and refurbishing a boat that I bought in the spring (older 14 ft aluminum) and its finally...
  11. Hello

    Member Introductions
    Hello all, First off, I would like to thank you for this excellent site. It is a great place to network with similar like minded people of all experience levels. I have fished the lower mainland area for about 40 yrs in both the chuck and local rivers, with the exception of fly fishing which...
  12. Apologies to lionfish

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Lionfish, Let me just extend an apology to you......I didn't mean to come across as an arse which I apparently did. I just had a feeling (unrightly so) that your post may have been a "one post" type question which we have seen many, many times on the forum. I, as do many members like to...
  13. So goodbye ogobogo...

    Member Introductions
    I suppose that this has been a couple of years in the making, but I felt that it was time to break the silence. As some of you already know, 2 years ago I began the transition from male to female. I have received support, and been roundly criticized by members of this forum. More importantly, I...
  14. DFO and their Management of the Fisheries

    Environmental, Fishing Politics & Fishery Updates
    So I am a young fisherman on this forum, and I respect everything I've read, as well I like to give newer fishermen/women new ideas to catch some fish. After saying that, I speak without financial or extreme moral bias towards any of the directed fisheries. My problem is with the current...
  15. New to Forum - Any Kayak Fisherman out there?

    Member Introductions
    Brand new to posting to the forum. Been browsing the site for a while and like what it has to offer! I'm a 26 y/o Kayak fisherman. Been fishing my whole life but have only been kayak fishing for just over a year and love it! Still have lots to learn and tinker with but getting better every...
  16. The Tomic of the Future

    Saltwater General Discussion
    As a quick preamble.....holmes from over on SFBC and I had a long banter in the playoffs last year in a thread about whose team was going to win (he is a lifetime Hawks fan::)). After my #1 team the Nucks were ousted I had to focus my attention to my #2 team which is the Flyers. Unfortunately...
  17. Vedder River today.

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Well, I've been watching this forum for the last couple weeks to see what was happening on the Vedder, and there hasn't been much on here, so -- with nobody sayin nothin..... I decided to just drive out there this morning and check it out. (Monday, August 9th). I figured since it was the...
  18. Best way to fair hook a sockeye..

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I don't want to debate about the ethics about bottom bouncing or flossing as it has been covered on this forum. I was just wondering the best way to try to entice a sockeye to eat your lure? Is short floating wool the best method? I have read that sockeye's are finished eating by the time...
  19. "match the hatch"

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    could some of you recommend any good websites or perhaps somewhere on this forum that tells you what bugs are hatching at what times in this area? where would one (a beginner) start to learn about "matching the hatch" entomology? p.s. sorry if this is a previous thread somewhere if so would...
  20. China Creek Aug. 5-11

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Going to migrate towards China Creek later this week. Any other forum members going to be there?If so, send a PM, lets meet for a brew and a story or two.