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  1. Silversides Sturgeon Salmon Report Oct 18

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    Fraser Sturgeon Report Oct 18 Our Sturgeon charters couldn't be going any better! All of our guides are lighting em up and we are enjoying a fantastic season. This week we are seeing a lot of really fat fresh fish that are dishing out amazing battles full of jumpa and enormous power! Sturgeon...
  2. Fraser river Sturgeon report Aug 24, 2015

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    Fraser Sturgeon Fishing about to set on fire! Currently the fishing is great but....With the huge Pink salmon return entering the Fraser river the Sturgeon fishing will turn red hot! Fresh Sturgeon from the ocean will follow the Pinks up river and the bite will go nuts. I recommend you book your...
  3. The Sturgeon fishing report from Silversides Fishing

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    Hey fishers! Wow, we had some much needed rain and everything was happy. Including the Sturgeon. Our Friday Sturgeon charter out in Mission was grey, misty, raining, and cooler. But the fishing was hot. Not even 5 minutes into the trip and a beast was hooked into. It quickly exploded out of the...
  4. STS Guding Report for Feb 25, 2011

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    Well I just returned back from Toronto and boy am I glad to be home. Every time I travel to another Canadian or US City to promote our great province, I gain an appreciation for where we live. There is no doubt we live in the greatest place on earth. While attending the Toronto Spring...