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  1. Boating Forum
    I brought my boat to the shop to have the gas tank cleaned to remove crud and all they did was drain it. When I inspected it at home there is still crud in it. I would have done a far better job had I known this is what an Hour of work by the shop would be like. I did ask to have it Cleaned out...
  2. Hookup a Partner
    >:(Hello, Boat was stolen and found with some damages, so its comming out of the water. I would be interested in going out a cpl times before season ends -would pay half the fuel and that sort of thing. Point Grey, Tswassen etc..... Phil
  3. Freshwater Tackle Talk!
    Hi all, I'm thinking of dumping my old saltwater Merc and getting a new BF2 Honda. Does anyone own such a model and if so,what is your opinion of it? I'd also like to know how long it would take to burn through 1L. of fuel. That is the amount the overhead tank holds? thanks,oldman.
  4. Hookup a Partner
    Well time has come for the start of some nice summer fishing. I have not been on the water yet this year Im just actually going to purchase my license today. I have a friend with a boat so we may be checking out the fraser soon or do some lake fishing. He isnotavailable often tho. I am seeking...
1-4 of 4 Results