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  1. Rod and reel advice

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Looking for advice on a new rod and reel in the 120-190 dollar range.Levelwind reel and rod suitable for drift fishing salmon and steelhead.
  2. Shimano Citica 201E Broken???

    Freshwater Tackle Talk!
    I just bought my second baitcaster (Shimano Citica 201E) [third if you count my Walmart sturgeon reel] reel this afternoon and I notice that in the free spool, the line guide does not move back and forth with the line. I did a couple of research through google and found the term "non-disengaging...
  3. Abu or Shimano?

    Freshwater Tackle Talk!
    Ok, I have pretty much given up on getting my rod and reel back that I lost last week but without a rod I'm starting to jones for fishing like a crack addict out of crack, it's bad...so I need a new set up and want some advice/opinion...so, Abu Garcia 6500c4 or the equvilant shimano reel. I lost...
  4. Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 650 Reel

    Freshwater Tackle Talk!
    hey all, I did a little work for a friend the other day, and along with payment he gave me a Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 650 reel. I have idea on the reel and would like a little more info, its a right hand reel but have no idea on capacity or anything. Any help would be great Clayton
  5. River Coho Gear

    Freshwater General Discussion
    What kind of rod and reel should I be fishing coho with freshwater? I have a bunch of pike gear and Chinook bar fishing gear. I hate using 10 foot rods and my garcia 10000's seem like major overkill for coho. Will a 7 foot ugly stick med rod w spinning reel be good enough or do I need special...