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  1. Spool Keepers Made Easy and easy DIY!!!

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Spool Keepers Made Easy an easy DIY!!! (mod wasn't sure where to put this because it is actually salt and fresh related) I recently saw this info on another site and appreciated the cool idea. With the posters permission, I wanted to share this idea for keeping your mainline and leader spools...
  2. [FISHING REPORT] Port Renfrew - Sept 2010

    Vancouver Island
    Just got back from a week in Rennie with my oldest son. This was my first trip over there, so it was a learning experience. To sum it up, the spring fishing was slow. Not a lot coming in, and most weren't that large that I did see landed. The Coho fishing just started to heat up the last couple...
  3. Wimpy Outboard Hydraulic Lift

    Boating Forum
    2000 90HP Mercury 4stroke... I was in the Fraser yesterday, and am still learning (slowly) my way around a few areas. Got into a moving shallow area with the low tide yesterday afternoon and killed a prop before I was out.:p I put a spare prop in the boat just last week:thumbup: I was working...
  4. Tunkwa Lake, Pass Lake, Roche Lake July 9-11

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Tunkwa on July 9 evening major surface feed in evenings. Saw quite a few fish caught in spite of the heat. July 10 morning Tunkwa very hot again, less fish but bigger. July 10 evening Pass lake west of Kamloops, only saw 1 fish caught, 6#, big fish in Pass Lake but hard to catch(shocker!!). July...