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  1. Bent Rods Fishing report October 2010

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    Hello everyone, hope you had a great fall of catching fish. September saw a huge push of fall Chinook in the Fraser Valley and our guides had some great days fishing spinners on the Fraser and other systems for these hard fighting large fall Chinook. The odd chromer is still entering the...
  2. Alaska Chinook Bycatch - Again!

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Fishermen in the Gulf of Alaska have accidentally caught an estimated 58,336 king salmon this year, an unprecedented level of bycatch that could lead to new fishing restrictions. In recent years the Gulf of Alaska’s bycatch numbers have hovered around 20,000 fish. This year’s numbers surprised...
  3. [FISHING REPORT] Ravin the Stave

    Region 2 - Reports
    Too much southern comfort in the hottub on thursday night prevented me from going to the vedder early as planned so grabbed the drift-rod and headed to the Stave to get rid of some roe too long in the beer-fridge. Got there about 9:30am and the Harvest Festival was in full swing. Walked the...
  4. [FISHING REPORT] Edith Lake Oct 6th

    Region 3 - Reports
    Well in typical hot and cold fashion Edith slowed yesterday. Still into around 8-10 fish but nothing compared to the 5th. Still managed a nice football of a rainbow and the weather was unbelievable! Nice racoon eyes from my shades. Only a couple brookies to mention of both around a pound. Best...
  5. [FISHING REPORT] Port Renfrew - Sept 2010

    Vancouver Island
    Just got back from a week in Rennie with my oldest son. This was my first trip over there, so it was a learning experience. To sum it up, the spring fishing was slow. Not a lot coming in, and most weren't that large that I did see landed. The Coho fishing just started to heat up the last couple...
  6. [FISHING REPORT] Upper Fraser

    Region 2 - Reports
    Was out today with the boat to unnamed bar,lol, thats what i call it because nobody fishes there.The Gong show going on in the lower bars such as Peg Leg don't interest me much at all as prefer to fish away from the crowds.I found the fish plentiful and very Dime bright today with sea lice still...
  7. The Margaree

    Angling Outside BC
    Headed back to Nova Scotia to attend a conference last week, and was able to extend my stay and try a little atlantic salmon fishing up in Cape Breton on the Margaree River. I decided to hire a guide so that I could give myself the best opportunity to take advantage of the two days I had. As it...
  8. [FISHING REPORT] More Fraser Sox Showing up North. Another Huge Run is Pushing Through! Sox Run Size

    Region 2 - Reports
    A friend of mine hooked into 18 yesterday, up on the north island! They said they couldn't get those buggers off the downriggers! I thought the action was hot up there when I was up there 2 weeks ago, but it's bigger now:) Then he saw a native seiner do a food-fish set and it was nasty big haul...
  9. Victoria Lakes

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I'm getting back into fishing the lakes around here and was wondering which ones are hot and which ones are not. I don't have a depth finder so probably stick to trolling near surface. any/all tips well received. :)
  10. NVO Report

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    NVO Report Nicola Valley Outdoors Fishing Report for August 10, 2010 Thompson River Jacks. We have been hearing of good catches from some folks who live up the river. The fly fishing has been very good...
  11. [FISHING REPORT] Lillooet Sturgeon

    Region 3 - Reports
    Fished for sturgeon below the Lillooet bridge and down stream 20 km or so. Fishing slow, caught 4 fish, longest being 6'1". Some friends were out a few days earlier and didn't do so well either. Last year it was great fishing throughout the hot summer months! Oh well, still can't beat a day on...
  12. [FISHING REPORT] Fraser River-Aug. 4

    Region 2 - Reports
    Hello all; A freind and I fished the Fraser Mon. 8-2 around 3:30 pm to 8:00 pm. We launched at Island 22 and went to grassy bar. During this time, we hooked 2 kings around 15-20#'s, but lost them after a 20 min. battle. We also caught and released 5 sockeye. I was using bubble gum pink and...
  13. [FISHING REPORT] Fraser River

    Region 2 - Reports
    Went out on tuesday and bar rigged one of the upper bars for Chinook.The weather was hot and was into three springs but lost everyone of them...had one on that went into our line from the rod beside and screamed out 100 yds of line from both rods where it then surfaced in the middle of the...
  14. NVO Report

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    Nicola Valley Outdoors Fishing Report for July 26th 2010 Summer is definitely here. With the higher temperatures mornings and evenings are the best bet. Alternatively, going deep with a downrigger or lead core line and your favourite lure. Good choices would be plug type lures such...
  15. [FISHING REPORT] Big OK (Island) Lake

    Region 3 - Reports
    Got there 10 pm Fri night. Sat was excruciatingly slow until the evening sedge hatch between 8 and 10 pm which was insane.12 fish in 2 hours. Sunday, more of the same. Searching during the day with mayfly nymph patterns, chironomids, damsel and Tom Thumbs got the odd fish including a 4 lber on a...
  16. Fishing tour across the Rockies

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hi everybody, me and my brother are planing a tour with a camper around some spots of British Columbia, to be more precise our tour will start in Vancouver, we've planed a stop in Chilliwack for Salmon fishing, from where on we will travel up to the Glacier national park, Banff National park...
  17. New Shimano

    Saltwater General Discussion
  18. Tunkwa Lake, Pass Lake, Roche Lake July 9-11

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Tunkwa on July 9 evening major surface feed in evenings. Saw quite a few fish caught in spite of the heat. July 10 morning Tunkwa very hot again, less fish but bigger. July 10 evening Pass lake west of Kamloops, only saw 1 fish caught, 6#, big fish in Pass Lake but hard to catch(shocker!!). July...
  19. [FISHING REPORT] Sheridan Lake - July 9-10, 2010

    Region 5 - Reports
    So got back from the Sheridan Lake fishout last night. Left early...and that should give some indication on how fishing was. Regardless, it was very nice to see some old friends again, and to be able to put faces to names and meet new friends. I was quite excited Friday morning as driving up...
  20. [SEEKING INFO] Chain lakes?

    Region 8 - Reports
    Just wondering if anyone has been up to Chain/Link/Osprey lakes recently and how the activity is? Its getting late and hot all of a sudden but will be up there for some R&R next week. Any info would be great! thanks