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  1. Region 8 - Reports
    Just wondering if anyone has been up to Chain/Link/Osprey lakes recently and how the activity is? Its getting late and hot all of a sudden but will be up there for some R&R next week. Any info would be great! thanks
  2. Vancouver & Sunshine Coast
    Spent the week end fishing between hole in the wall , howe sound and pt atkinson . Did not have to much luck in howe sound , only released one undersize chinook . There are fish going through the area as last week we landed a nice 16 # er , and I know a big 24 was taken and also a couple coho...
  3. Advertiser Specials & Updates
    Hey everybody We have a few opening left for late May and June so i thought i would offer a deal to the BCFR brethren especially anyone who has always wanted to experience Tofino's fishing. As you may well know last June saw incredible numbers of Columbia Chinooks in our area and this year...
21-23 of 24 Results