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  1. Freshwater General Discussion
    Found :thumbup: on the Vedder, a Toyota, security bar and house keys, as well a remote and some other tags on the key ring, which I will ask you to identify if you are claiming this set of keys. It looks like it has been lost for a while because of the rust on two of the keys. Cheers:cheers:
  2. Saltwater General Discussion
    We are planning a trip and found a seemingly nice place through the VRBO web site on Half Moon Bay (this is my part of the trip). We are from Florida and the closest we have been to here is Banff National Park area so need recommendations. Our trip itinerary is the following: Fly in to...
  3. Saltwater General Discussion
    Hello, I have a fair bit of past experience on the water but I recently purchased my first boat (21' Seaswirl Striper) and I could use a little advice. I've been out three times and i only have a bullhead and a grilse to show for it. I live in South Surrey but I'm willing to drive anywhere...
  4. Fly Fishing Discussion
    I am going to be staying in Lac la Hache for a few days. Sadly, I am not taking a boat, so I won't be able to check out my favorite lakes. Does anyone know if there's any good streams/rivers between 100 Mile House and Williams Lake where I can get into some rainbows?
  5. Advertiser Specials & Updates
    The sign at Brigantine reads: ‘20 Percent off on all boat canvases’. Short and to the point. However informative it is, other signs have got attention. One of our first was: ‘Brigantine Marine, the Best Little Oar House in Langley, BC’ That got a mention in local newspapers but ‘The Reason They...
  6. Site Features, News & Issue Information
    i always get logged out after 5 to 10 second, i had to log back in multiple time just to post this. it seems to happen more when i switch "section" help anyone?
  7. Saltwater General Discussion
    Is it worth dropping the prawn traps off Point Roberts? It looks nice and deep off the bell and lighthouse park. PM me if you have any knowledge of this area.
  8. Vancouver & Sunshine Coast
    I spent Monday afternoon and evening trolling along the West Vancouver shoreline from the lighthouse to Capilano. There were a few fish showing up on the sounder, and a few fish splashing about on top at high tide. I was not able to get anything other than two grilse. I did not see anybody boat...
  9. Saltwater General Discussion
    Outta here in the morning. New windows are installed at the house........still running around like an idiot and have to touch base with sarg!! Fishing sounds kinda medicore right now but I have the game boy dusted off (...
  10. Saltwater General Discussion
    I've fished Ukee a fair amount, but I'm still learning. I only have a 19 foot boat and I'm reluctant to fish Big Bank which is 25 miles or more from Ukee, a long run back if the north wind comes up. Mostly I've fished inside South Bank, the Spade area, also called the Turtleshead, from what...
  11. Environmental, Fishing Politics & Fishery Updates
    We're farming for the future.... The title of this post and statement above are both on the front of a big multi page advertisement that was inserted into my wife's August (early delivery) CANADIAN LIVING MAGAZINE. This is from the salmonfarmers.org people. It is a very large (13 X19, 4 double...
  12. Freshwater General Discussion
    Does anybody have any reports on howGreeny lake is producing lately??
  13. Advertiser Specials & Updates
    Hi There TNT MARINE will be hosting our new location Open house,come stop by and see all the new lineup of boats and our new fab shop, we will be having specials on all instock items, and custom fab work. Our new location is bigger and better than the last with tons of space and a few more new...
1-13 of 19 Results