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  1. Freshwater General Discussion
    Yes folks, I'm aware that this is also posted in the 'DFO Announcements...' section on this site but with the hundreds and hundreds of people accessing the Stave recently I didn't think it would hurt to double-up a posting of this recent info..... Moderators can remove it if it's redundancy is...
  2. Freshwater General Discussion
    well we got out at the crack of dawn thinkimg the launch was going to be a zoo since the langley launch was closed... well it was a great day the weather man was wrong again a the day was beautiful,,the fish was great..until we had to go home hit the boat launch it was packed with boat waiting...
  3. Freshwater General Discussion
    just wondering if anyone has info on this part of the lake? what are the better areas? is beaton arm protected from storms or a bit of a wind block? whats better the open middle part of the lake or near the beaton arm? im new to downriggin these waters, so any help would be kool.
  4. Freshwater Tackle Talk!
    I just bought my second baitcaster (Shimano Citica 201E) [third if you count my Walmart sturgeon reel] reel this afternoon and I notice that in the free spool, the line guide does not move back and forth with the line. I did a couple of research through google and found the term "non-disengaging...
  5. Freshwater General Discussion
    any info would be great. whats here to fish and what to use?? the best areas of the lake since its 120 km long? stocking info? depths? how is it up near goldstream river?
  6. Freshwater General Discussion
    g'day gents. not sure if i should post this here, but what the heck. i recently bought an old reel and wonder if anyone here might know anything about it. the back is stamped ALLCOCK AERIALITE and MADE IN ENGLAND. it's about 4" in diameter and about 2.5" wide. has a butterfly nut to adjust drag...
  7. Freshwater General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I know the cowichan is really touchy due to the spring "run" thats going through. Is there any pools in the lower reaches still fishable by law for either trout or some chum. Any info would be great, Id prefer not to have to go to skutz but I may end up doing that. Clayton
  8. Freshwater General Discussion
    Spool Keepers Made Easy an easy DIY!!! (mod wasn't sure where to put this because it is actually salt and fresh related) I recently saw this info on another site and appreciated the cool idea. With the posters permission, I wanted to share this idea for keeping your mainline and leader spools...
  9. Boating Forum
    Hi, Can anyone tell me from experience what I should expect when going over threw oregon / california mountains in the first two weeks in November ? I am concerned about snow in the mountains in November , is there any ? I will be bringing back a 21' boat from California via the I5 to...
  10. Freshwater General Discussion
    Hey Everyone I have recently moved to Vancouver from Ireland. I would consider myself an experienced angler but it seems that the techniques used here, especially for salmon fishing are quite different so I suppose even after 15 yrs fishing back home I am in the newbie category. I joined...
  11. Region 2 - Reports
    My wife and I are headed to the Chehalis camping this weekend at the forestry site by the bridge. I've ever only fished close to the campground with my kids for little trouts but no kids this weekend... looking for info on what's running up there now and some tips on where I could head to...
  12. Freshwater General Discussion
    so we have quite the steelhead poaching problem in the south coast, mainly with our summer steelhead. I have come up with a plan to help the conservation officer in catching or knowing who is doing it. I know over the past few years I have found filleted carcases, and even gut piles and blood...
  13. Freshwater General Discussion
    My mum is flying in from the UK for the wine festival and we have some kind of family reunion deal happening at my cousin's place up the hill overlooking Skaha Lake. Just wondering what fishing opportunities will be available fairly close by that weekend? I'll have my kids with me. Thanks for...
  14. Saltwater General Discussion
    Hey guys, We are looking at getting a Chartplotter for the boat, looking at both the Garmin-546S or the Lowrance HDS7, wondering what others are running or pros and cons for either of them, any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks
  15. Freshwater General Discussion
    I'm wondering if there is any info on the number of licenses purchased- year by year? It would be interesting to look at the difference which the sockeye run should have made? (BTW- there is some inaccuracy with the time for the post - indicates" Started by nemohm, Today 07:26 PM", actually...
  16. Saltwater General Discussion
    Anyone read legit info on the DFO extending sockeye in the marine area? DFO say 9 million still staging to head up river. Courtesy of Berry's
1-16 of 72 Results